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$15/Hr Minimum Wage? It depends

I’m not sure where you all stand on this, but with all the crazy money printing now, the minimum wage should have adjusted since 2009 to almost $15.IF $15 was worth $15, then I’d say this is too high. But, since the dollar has devalued so much, this is about right.

BUT, the reality is, the $15 hourly wage will squeeze business owners who have to work with payroll expenses and still have to try and cut profit margins in order to remain competitive on a global scale. Especially now that China Joe is in office.I personally think that a business should be free to set their own minimum wage, and pay more as they are profitable and/or want to reward/keep the better workers.

Many people aren’t business owners, so they think people who start businesses magically become greedy selfish scrooges as soon as they have to pay employees. When we had our business, I understood that my business helped support quite a few people, and I had a personal responsibility to make sure we kept going so we could all make a living together. In the end, we eked out a living after taking the risk. But for those who do much better than others in business, I think they should be able to reap the rewards of their risk taking initiative. And pay their employees what they believe they’re value is to the company and as people. And most do, which shocks many leftists.

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