A Good Guess in What’s Going on Now

Mar 8, 2021 | Thread from Thomas Wictor:

For @DeepState1776

You wrote to @YMKYMFOI

“This is speculative nonsense, sorry, but don’t mislead people.”

You need a remedial course in definitions, I see.

Also, when challenged, you said, “Have a great night; I am not here to argue. If you have proof of anything feel free to share it.”

So you just negated your first comment.

Speculation BY DEFINITION does not require proof. If we had PROOF, we wouldn’t be speculating.

@YMKYMFOI is tracking unexplained surveillance by military aircraft. It began IN THE SUMMER.

Before Trump left office, he told the military to refresh themselves on the seven separate plans in place that would allow the military to LEGALLY and CONSTITUTIONALLY run the country IF there is no civilian federal government.

Exclusive: Inside the military’s top secret plan if coronavirus cripples the government

The ostensible reason that the military has re-familiarized itself with “devolution”–military rule of the country–is the pandemic.

But the plans can also be used if there’s no legal successor to the president and no legal line of succession.

If the Democrats stole the election with the help of foreign countries, that means there’s no legal presidential administration right now.

A politician’s term of office is automatically invalid if he or she is elected due to fraud.

Several of us here HAVE STUDIED THIS.

It’s entirely viable.

A small, geographically dispersed “devolution staff” acts as a caretaker government. It DOES NOT make policy.

All it does is preserve order and the rule of law.

Those of us who study this SPECULATE that Trump ordered the military to surveil the election and get the REAL vote count.

Why do we speculate that?

Because Trump chose an almost totally unknown Green Beret combat veteran as Acting Secretary of Defense, and this man–Chris Miller–publicly stated that since November 9, he and Mike Pence oversaw the most complex military operations in the history of the US Armed forces.

More complex than World War II.

What the hell was he talking about?

Only ONE possibility fits the bill:

Devolution. Military rule.


The military know that Trump and Pence won. Therefore Trump and Pence have been fit into the chain of command as consultants.

But they’re actually a shadow presidency.

Devolution allows the US military to NOT consult Trump. But obviously Trump and Pence are in the middle of this, which is why they’re invisible.

Trump and Pence are traveling all over the country CLANDESTINELY. They’re being flown around by the military.

The reason some of us believe all of this is happening is that all of it is happening.

The surveillance flights ARE taking place.

Trump and Pence ARE traveling clandestinely.

Trump said on January 5, 2021, that he’d worked harder in the past three weeks than at any time in his life.

So far, Joe Biden has not ONCE flown on Air Force One. When his aircraft fly, the air force uses the registration numbers.


Kamala Harris flew a 737.


Not a single federal law-enforcement or intelligence agency says that there’s ANY threat to Congress from conservatives.

The National Guard are in DC because Congress is afraid of TRUMP.

The Democrats think Trump is going to send in the federal troops, and the DC National Guard will tell the Guardsmen to fight.

Psychological warfare, baby.

Trump’s a master.

So we’re not misleading ANYONE. I just told you a boatload of FACTS that you didn’t even know.

So instead of shooting off your mouth and insulting people for their INFORMED speculation, why don’t you do everybody a favor and do some research?

It’ll make you smarter and less belligerent.