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Alternative View on the Deep State

This is purely an opinion piece, and here’s the conclusion:

It’s also possible that the faction Q represents (again officially or otherwise) was already sensing Trump was going to lose and was poisoning the well beforehand with pre-charges of electoral fraud–looking to create a ready made response that didn’t require admitting defeat. As I covered in my last piece, Trump’s worldview (inherited from his father) is entirely built around a world of “winners vs. losers”. Trump cannot abide being a loser or admitting defeat. As a result, he sowed the view that the election would have to be rigged in the case he lost. [I don’t buy this, as Trump was cruising to victory, and has (I believe) all the evidence of fraud. So, to think that the Q folks would think he’d lose is not credible.]

Another option–not mutually exclusive–is that the various other deep state factions got together and basically threatened the ethno-nationalist faction that Trump was (partially) connected with. And that group basically hung Trump out to dry at that point. I tend towards this view but admittedly it’s quite speculative. This article could be seen as potential evidence of this possibility. Also the multiple strange references to Continuity of Government (COG) would be another possible clue as to deeper machinations. [Of all deep state possibilities, this is the only one that I think is plausible as to why Trump hasn’t pushed harder on all the information he has. That there are deeper and more dangerous players that are lurking very very deep and are the ones who actually control the government. This aligns with what BDA has said about Q group being paid.]

With Trump now at least temporarily sidelined (in the formal political sense) the question becomes what next?

Well there’s no crystal ball here to predict of course but based on this framework it would appear that the more globalist-left wing faction is going to take the reins for a bit and push their more explicitly scientism-oriented form of technocracy. This deep state faction still functions through largely traditional media channels for its propaganda which is why it’s been caught off guard numerous times recently with videos of Marina Abhramovic being taken down from connection to Bill Gates or the World Economic Forum’s insanely tone deaf articles around The Great Reset. [Let’s see how

The gap then between the official public story line and the reality will continue to grow, bringing more and more folks into a space of questioning the failure of the accepted narrative (“Epstein is just like a Christmas ornament–he didn’t hang himself”) . This step is generally speaking a good initial one but as this series has tried to show there is plenty of disinformation and social engineering prevalent in the so-called conspiracy/alternative space itself, which can simply be deeper and subtler layers of control–just as the Red Pill became its own form of a psyop. [I’m undecided on this, but I believe this author’s negative deep state player view of Trump is wrong. I believe Trump will counter this and break the established mold of deep state US and global governance. The disinfo and information warfare will ramp up HUGE, however.]

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