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An Age of Transition

I have a sense, in reading and watching all the news and reports and blogs, etc. that we may be in the middle of a generational or national/international shift. What do I mean?

  • I believe that America is losing it’s global status, and that China/Russia may be the counterbalancing world powers that rises up to assume more global power leadership as the wokeism decimates and weakens America from within.
  • Being an American in America and looking at our country’s lifespan in light of past empire’s rise and fall/disintegration, I sense that this change with the Marxism disguised as CRT/Social Justice/Antiracism permeating the very fabric of our dominant leftist culture is an indicator of our beginning downfall. Just like how a Roman citizen would feel in the early 3rd or 4th centuries as Rome inflated away its economy, incurred more barbarian invasions, etc., we are going through the same thing.
  • Inasmuch as America is still a “beacon” of hope for the oppressed around the world, we have a national rot stemming from our monetary/economic policy, our political class and media arrogantly and condescendlingly ruling over the working class (both parties), and a culture where people have lost a sense of freedom and individual self-sufficiency and common sense and simply want to be entertained and kept safe.
  • The cultural hedonism and lack of seriousness espoused by the self-appointed elites in America about what’s really important is because there is an overarching global agenda being created and pushed forward in all fabrics of society. And America must be diminished in order for this to be accomplished. Why? Because we are one of the very few if not only country that see’s the government/citizen relationship with the right perspective: the People are in charge. And we are a country that has access to weapons to allow its citizens to protect itself and fight against tyrannical leaders if that should be the situation.
  • This streak of indivdualism and self-reliance in world history, where the default setting is, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This is not the norm in all of history. This is the exception, and we have let the enemy brainwash us to not believing this uniqueness of America.
  • America, with half the population strongly supporting a nationalistic viewpoint and with the other half sold out to the global “we are one” Satanic vision, will change. Whether it’s a division or a diminishing, I believe now more than before, that in the future, America will be a small island of a freedom-loving people isolated and out of reach for many of the oppressed and unfree around the world. The citizens of the world, being controlled and surveilled by some type of social credit sytem, will have no hope for living a truly free life. And, in that world, America as the land of opportunity will be out of reach and a true utopia on earth. This will be possible only if the conservatives stand up and fight against the global elite oppressors and their American elitist abettors.
  • I see this current economic situation as untenable in 2021. I believe that the government will hold out as long as possible in continuing the charade that they have everything under control. However, this “kick the can” position will end. One way or another the end will be arrived at, and I sense that the solution will be both short term masking of their true intentions as we are integrated into the global elites’ agenda. The final outcome will be where the people will clamor for more government oversight and control and intrusion into how they live their lives. And in exchange, the government will provide a universal basic income of sorts, housing, food, a “job,” and other necessities for its citizens–in other words: “safety and security.” Do I think people can opt out of this? I think only those who have prepared for self-sufficiency and networked with other likeminded folks can and will survive this. BUT. In the end, the government will always have a way to control you–and I see one of the easiest is via your property tax. Even if you’re completely off-grid and living independently, the government can take over by mandating a certain method of payment. And the payment method will require you to be “plugged” in and be part of their ecosystem.
  • I see the Bible being proven true especially as it relates to the “last days” or this current “age of grace.” There will really be only remnants that are true believers of God. All the institutional churches and its accompanying infrastructure are corrupted by ecumenism, and we see it more clearly now as even evangelical pastors are acquiescing to the current leftist dogma of Marxist social justice wokeism.
  • Do I see this as more confirmation of the type of bibilical end times? Yes. The move towards a more kumbaya, hand holding, let’s all get along (except for those pesking Christians) type of secular ecumenical civic religion of “just being a good person” doesn’t contradict what God says. Whatever position you hold on biblical end times, the current culture and belief system are all symptoms of the worldly religion and “religious leader” that will appear. I think the time is ripe for Jesus to return and establish his rule here on earth, and with God for eternity.
  • Practically speaking, during this transition, there should be priority placed on: 1) security, 2) water and food, 3) shelter, 4) trade/barter, 5) network of trusted friends. Based on how you gauge the severity and/or likelihood of this transition being rough or smooth, take appropriate measures.

At the end of the day, God is in control and he knows how things will end. All I can do is be a man of my time, aware and cognizant of cultural/societal signs and issues, and take appropriate steps to protect my loved ones. I suggest you do the same. God bless you.

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