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Just Begun to Fight

President Trump laid out a marker yesterday, which I read as a last chance for the opposing side to take heed.

Then this morning he says that he’s now JUST begun to fight. I think he’s finally going to go on offense and defend the constitution and its supporters.

This may be my last post for a little bit. Too many things are going on it’s getting hot. I’ll close with this: hold the line, be patient, have faith, and know that Trump will prove that we’ve won. Be safe and be happy warriors!

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This is Different…

If you’d told me a month ago right after the elections, that we’d be here today with 22 states joining the Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin to challenge the unconstitutionality of executive and judicial changes to election laws, I wouldn’t have believed you.

But as we can all see, that is exactly what we have today. The question you have to ask yourself is: how did we get to this point, and have we ever been in such a crisis before to this degree?

The Media are Traitors

First, take a look at the democrat/left and the never Trumpers:

These people have all CONVENIENTLY SKIPPED over the part where the election is currently CONTESTED due to the mounting evidence of FRAUD, and jumped right to President Biden. So in their minds, all the action right now contesting the election is seditious. Huh. I guess they’ve really bought their own BS of #notmypresident, but sadly Trump is still president (and will be come January 20, 2021!). As I’ve said before on Facebook, if you cannot ground yourself in reality and accept that there is fraud, then you are 1) too Trump deranged or 2) you really don’t care that cheating happened as long as your side wins. The above illustrates both 1 and 2. I wonder how much media has blocked news that lets these people think this way? Hmm…

Trump, and the various states, have been using all available means legally to challenge the election. If the left are so confident that Biden really won, and we’re being sore losers, then why don’t they just step back and let the legal process work itself out? Why won’t they just let us prove that we conservatives and Republicans made fools of out of ourselves wasting money chasing after a lost election? I wonder why the media has been censoring all conservative election claims as “disputed?” Hmm…

Well, they’ll probably say we’d find a way to cheat and steal the election! Yeah, according to the left, we’ve seen suit after suit thrown out of court. Doesn’t sound like winning now, does it? If that were the case, and they were so confident we have no evidence, then they should just merrily let us go all the way to the Supreme Court to be completely humiliated in front of the biggest court in the land. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? If they were so confident, they’d let all the states sue and lose in court again! Yeah! Stick it to those seditious conservatives!!

But, no. They’re tweeting and writing articles, and censoring everyone and their mother because they know the truth isn’t on their side. The honest ones on the left/Dem side are quiet right now. They can’t say anything because to say a word now means they are actively supporting cheating to win. But, the reality is, by remaining silent and NOT coming out against the overwhelming fraud and violation of constitutional due process, they’re also complicit in wanting to win by cheating. The ONLY ones that are innocent are the ones that actively speak out against the theft of this election, or at the very least announce/write/text/blog/tweet/vlog that they see problems with this election. And no, the ones that innocently claim, “I think Biden legitimately won” don’t count. They can claim ignorance, but that doesn’t absolve them of their guilt in supporting a stolen election by not questioning the evidence that’s coming out. I wonder if they’re remaining quiet because they believe the media will continue to cover for them? Hmm…

So, what we have here are two sides that are dug in, and both believe their side is right. The biggest problem I see in the current situation is the deceitfulness of the media. I believe that if they had just reported the news objectively instead of wholly landing on one side, there would be a consensus on what happened in this election. But because there isn’t an honest media, we have warring sides, each with its own version of truth. In fact, this time it’s different from the last few elections… but, it’s not all that different from all the way back to… 1864, when Lincoln was president. Read the EO he signed ordering the imprisonment of journalists.

Do I think we are to the degree where the media are complicit in tilting the election in one direction for Biden? Is the sky blue? Yes, ever since election night when they called Arizona right out of the gate, the media has been rigging the optics and the perception that Biden was winning. And they’ve been doing this for all four years of Trump’s presidency. Why do I bring up the media? Because, they have been shaping perception and people’s beliefs for so long, they can no longer be considered unbiased reporters but rather political PR hacks for the leftist Democratic machine. And if they can be shown to have reported and censored news in such a way that overturns elections by cheating and obfuscation and censoring, would that be seditious actions worthy of criminal charges? Yes, I believe so. And I believe Trump and the law could make a good case for it.

The Deep State Rot is Irredeemable

And second, as we can see in the news this week about Swalwell, about Hunter Biden, about Joe Biden’s brother, and about all the embedded Chinese supporters in our government, this election is way more than just choosing a president. This election is choosing to live in two completely different worldviews. And I, for one, would rather fight now and fight hard, to preserve the American way of life, than to let the Chinese communist puppets take over control of our country. Because if that happens, then all is lost. We are doomed as a nation, and as freedom lovers all over the world.

And if you need anymore clue right now that we are engaged in a very real war with China, watch this video. You can skip to around minute 9:30, and you can infer the tentacles the CCP have gone into the highest echelons of power in America. This corruption of politicians goes on at state levels, too. Just look at Governor Kemp and Ducey, let alone all the ballot stuffing in Georgia and Pennsylvania, on top of the algorithmic manipulation of Dominion Voting software.

But, it goes beyond just China and the CCP. There is a movement globally that you can sense has a “unity” theme, but my gut sense and spirit tells me it’s a darker force that’s working to “bring us together.” There is so much more evidence and signs of a global NEW ORDER all around us disguised as a Global Reset. Or Build Back Better as they’ve been marketing it (see the image below). They’re literally shoving it in our face. Like this video by the World Economic Forum basically saying we’ll own nothing and be happy. Or the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, which sounds like corporatist socialism masquerading as free market values. I won’t go on more about this, as this is a separate issue from how this time our election is different. But it gives you perspective as to how our election impacts not just the US, but the world. And by bringing the freedom loving side down, it’ll be easier to corral and move the US into the global stable of nations.

Bottom Line: Trump Will Bring the Storm

So, the media collusion to sway people’s perception, along with the leftist Democrat machine stealing the election, combined with the global movement towards a more “inclusive” and “egalitarian” world under some “peaceful” global elite is upon us now. Do I think that Trump will be the one to solve all these challenges? I don’t know. I know that he’ll definitely be cleaning house here in the States, and with all the evidence collected, I think we’ll be surprised to see how many people will be brought down in disgrace once this whole thing blows over. Yes, even in the media. As for the world, we’ll see. There may be a worldwide reckoning if foreign powers are implicated, but I can’t say how that looks like right just yet.

Keep your focus on the big picture, and understand the strategic moves that are hidden amongst all the activity we see going on right now. And pray for God to bring his mercy and justice. I think if there ever was a time like in the days of Noah, I think our current postmodern post-truth world is it.

Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence.  God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways.

Genesis 6:11-12
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Trump is Almost Ready to Go

In the coming days, I believe there will be legal moves, media moves, and possibly even military/security moves and activity. Do not worry. As you have seen, contrary to what lies the left have been spewing, Trump and the conservatives have been using all available LEGAL LAWS set in our Constitution to pursue redress in terms of what he (and we) sees as a fraudulent election.

Understand this: the president has a lot of constitutional powers given to him to protect and secure the safety and integrity of this country. Even militarily if warranted. But, he’s being very patient in following the proper process because he wants to maintain the unity of the country. As we are seeing now, China has been a nefarious and evil enemy waging war against us financially, industrially via intellectual property theft and outright purchase, and politically by spying, extortion, bribes, and payoffs. Trump knows we are at war with China; an information war with the disadvantage of enemies within that are blinded to the harsh reality of the world as it is.

Until the left understands that they are standing against the will of the people and against the constitution, and I think they’re slowly coming to that realization, Trump will keep working the mechanisms at his disposal until they force him to move more forcefully. And I, along with many others, will stand in support of his actions.

I am not a Trump cultist nor a Christian nationalist, which the left uses to insult people they don’t agree with. I simply believe that I am blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to worship and live how we want. Plus we have (up till now) a system of government that lets us participate in deciding how we want to live with each other. And because of this, I truly believe that Trump is the man for this hour—not a Democrat or Republican—but an American like us, who will help restore our country back to its founding values. The Rubicon has been crossed, so there’s no turning back. Are you all in? I am, 100%. God bless you and God bless America and all the people around the world yearning to live in freedom.

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The Kraken will Live on in 2021

A thought came to me after I thought through the Texas suit at SCOTUS.

I think we were all in a rush to see the evidence Powell and Trump’s legal team had be presented to the court, and then have the decision be made in favor of Trump that there was fraud. However, back in November Trump mentioned that there was a lawsuit that could just cover everything that was beautiful, but he didn’t have standing. Now we know that this Texas suit was what he meant at that time.

I think this suit will end the election fraud issue quickly if they rule per the law. If not, then we’ll see what DNI Ratcliffe presents in his report as required by the 2018 EO 13848. Either way, Trump still has at least two paths to victory, both very strong.

But back to Powell. I think the civil and then eventual criminal cases that will reveal itself will expand to all the states that Dominion was involved with. This will then involve the DOJ, and will be a continuous onslaught of exposure of the corruption in all our political leaders at all levels of government. We saw just a taste of that these last two days with Swalwell and his Chinese spy, as well as that university dean boasting about deep connections at the highest level of our government.

Trump is dragging the net far and wide and for as long as possible to let all these traitors and enemies out themselves. Democrats and I hope leftists are already done for; it’s just a matter of how much destruction they’ll suffer.

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Jeff Sessions Revisited

All this brouhaha over Barr not doing a dang thing reminds me of… Jeff Sessions. I remember way back when (and I don’t even really remember the year now) Trump and Sessions were trading jabs. In my opinion, this is all to create a wall of separation between the White House and the DOJ. Why? Because I think something serious is coming out, whether it’s from the Trump side or Barr’s side. Either way, there has to be the optics of independence. I think this is for when the DOJ is now “stirred into action by the horrible and overwhelming evidence of criminal and treasonous activity” that will be presented to them. Then, the mostly generic news and politics viewers will see that Barr has been independent and not a lackey to Trump. The rabid Trump haters? They don’t matter. They are stuck in their own little bubble, like they think we Trump supporters are. Oh well…

Boy, I wasn’t even finished with this post, and here you go. Here’s the link to the AP article just so we know it’s real–even the leftist media have reported on this.

And this is a succinct lesson on the CIVIL vs CRIMINAL paths to expedient resolution on the justice side.

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Election Day + 21

As of today, am I still 100% sure that Trump actually won the election AND will be in office come January 20th, 2021? YES, WITHOUT A DOUBT.

I think after the first week, as a nation, we all began to understand the extent and depth of the cheating. At this point, if there are honest leftists/Dems who still think there’s absolutely no cheating, then they won’t ever be convinced. I don’t spend any time worrying about them, but they sure do protest a lot. And watch too much regular media talking heads. Oh well…

The basics of common sense is all you really need to use in our current election contest. First, why was the vote counting stopped on election night for six states? And, how is it that the gap in votes happen to seemingly be made up just in these states? The batch ballots and late counting mail in ballots excuse don’t hold, not at all. There’d be batches for Trump as well, but there weren’t and it only got evenly spread again once Biden’s vote tally could see him eventually overtake Trump. This is really the ONLY point you need to raise, but there are many more.

Secondly, all the smoke coming out about Dominion and other related software issues is a HUGE red flag. If they have nothing to hide, then why are they HIDING? In fact, WHERE IS ERIC COOMER? Poof, vanished.

Thirdly, all the evidence–video, affidavits, poll watchers being booted, having to watch from 25+ feet away with binoculars, ballots being “found” like in Georgia? Red flag.

Statistical anomalies, Benford’s law, etc. etc. – the many facets to show fraud occurred is pretty overwhelming. Red flag.

But we all know this now. The challenge for us is to hold fast, and trust the process that’s been written in the Constitution for how to resolve contested votes. I’m actually pretty stunned that the founding fathers wrote it out in such detail. They really were great thinkers–thinking of all the devious ways people cheat and are selfish and look out for their own interests–and setting up the three branches of government, as well as the electoral college voting process to resolve elections. Amazing work.

Here’s where I’m going to go into a little conjecture and opinion as to where I think we are now and will be headed toward. If you look at Executive Orders 13848 and 13849, it shows that Trump has already thought out the issue of election integrity knowing all the players that are involved in the electronic voting, especially foreign players. Trump tweeted all the way back in 2012 about election integrity, so you know he’s already planned for this. These two EO’s pretty much traps any bad actors involved in our elections, that’s the bottom line. Which means all the people involved in the faux recounts, ballot stuffing, software vote switching, etc. will be dealt with.

Trump’s legal team going through the courts to get a hearing and relief on voter fraud? I think that, especially with Jenna Ellis’ explanation, we know their strategic and tactical approach, so disregard any of the FAKE NEWS that Trump keeps losing and losing in court. Like he’s 1 out of bazillion or whatever…sure, right. Trump is simply taking the option given to him to contest the election, nothing more.

When I think about what Sidney Powell has done to help General Flynn overcome his legal challenge, I know that I can trust her when she says she’s going to release the Kraken on exposing election fraud. All the mocking and condescending ridicule from the left is just hot air.

The one question you have to ask yourself is: if they are so confident they won, and Joe will be sworn in January 20th, then why are they so rabidly crazed about kicking Trump out NOW? He’s still the president, facts matter. IF they’re so confident, then hey, let the loser waste his money and time filing lawsuits. No worries, Joe’s won. Right? Right?? I’m quite positive it’s because the Dems/left know that Trump and Powell’s evidence are all true, so they’re playing a confidence game to con the public. If they can muddy this up, then they believe that Trump will be tainted as illegitimate forever. So, we’re literally sitting at the poker table, and Trump has gone all in while the Dems are bluffing.

Also, if you step back and think: it’s only an election. If Joe loses, then hey, no biggie, they’ll just try again in four years. Right? Why are they pulling out ALL the stops to defeat Trump NOW? I mean, when you look at the incredible scope of players arrayed against Trump, it’s mind boggling. The ENTIRE world is aligned in unison against Trump–the media, the politicians, big tech, influencers, publications, the social media trolls and bots–the entire world is trying to convince us so hard that Biden is president-elect, when he’s really not. He’s not until till all the electoral votes are certified. For me, this is the BIGGEST CLUE. This shows me how deep the rot and corruption is not just domestically, but worldwide, that they can coordinate their messaging to all reinforce one thing: Trump lost. Which also proves to me that the swamp Trump keeps talking about is really real and not a conspiracy, and they can’t afford another four years of Trump being president because he’ll destroy them if he does. This is WHY this election is life or death for them, as it is for us on the other side as well.

So, we just have to endure these next few weeks of court challenges, and Trump will be proven right. IF the courts aren’t tainted and coerced/bribed by the swamp. We’re seeing all these so called conservatives turn their knives on Trump, so we know there are many hidden players that will undermine him.

But for me, the courts process is actually not the most important. I have this sense that Trump has something larger in mind to expose the swamp/deep state for all to see, and the courts are all a smokescreen. As you know, he’s a businessman and showman with a very brilliant mind, as well as being a student of Sun Tzu. If you feel in the dark about Trump’s next move, it is by design: “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

Trump still has all the power in his favor as the president. And I mean ALL. I think we may be going in the direction of the Insurrection Act, once Trump does some type of public appearance showing all the evidence of the crime committed this election.

Why do I think this? It’s because I take his words seriously on these issues that he let’s slip casually. When he says that he’s fighting for us, that he’s “caught them all,” that he’s out to drain the swamp, I believe it. Further, he knows (and we’ve seen that too) that if he loses, then he and his family’s life is pretty much over and will be stuck in spurious lawsuits, criminal investigations, and so on to put him away forever. So, for his own sake, and for the sake of the values of this country and the people who hold to it, I believe he means to destroy the deep state for a long time.

What does that mean for us now? It means we don’t go wobbly kneed, crying like a baby every time something seems to go wrong. We just have to have faith, and know that Trump has it all worked out. It’s no fun waiting, but at least we’re not in literal combat, right? All we need to do is keep supporting Trump during this process, and know that we will come out victors in this.

// Now, many of you may ask why I’m so involved in this political process as a Christian, when we know that God is in control of all things. Well, it’s because I’m blessed to be a Christian living in America, where the system of government still gives me a voice (well, after this election…) to fight for what I consider values that promote freedom for all of us. That’s pretty much it. I truly believe that if Biden wins, then the forces of totalitarianism in all its insidious forms will encroach and suffocate us, until we all become subservient serfs to the social justice, corporatist, big tech, and political/media elites who think it’s their moral right to rule over us.

Screw that. I fight. And you should too.