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Election Day 2020 + 9 Update

Things are Looking Up

Today was pretty crazy in terms of happenings. I see things are moving along in the courts, and there are so many embedded Trump haters all starting to bubble up now that the light is being shined on them (I’m looking at you AZ SOS). I wondered why it is only now that Trump is cleaning house, at least in the Pentagon. I believe that these next few days or weeks will be explosive, and he needs trusted people to help steer the country in the right direction without disruption. Also, this may be laying the groundwork for the next four years. We’ll see…

But, there are some undercurrents which I don’t want to share more right now. All I can say is there will be lots of interesting players coming out that may have tampered with out elections, and not all in the States. This would take this election to a whole other level. I wouldn’t be surprised if the focus goes to other countries soon.

I’m also reading a lot of foreigners commenting on our elections, and it’s a bit surreal and sobering to see how seriously they take our election. I believe that it’s a global struggle–mirrored here in the States between the left and right–that of individual freedom and responsibility vs. a nanny state overseeing and controlling your thoughts and actions. I feel especially for a lot of Hong Kongers who know EXACTLY WHAT we’re facing here, as they are being oppressed and persecuted and prosecuted for their protests for freedom.

A Christian Perspective

As a Christian, I don’t see how we can so easily give up our individual freedoms for the betterment of society as a whole–which is what I think this election is ultimately about. Why? Because it’s not about the motive. It’s about the mechanism. I know we all want equality, no racism, no prejudice, prosperity for all, righting injustices. But, the way the world wants to achieve these goals means the destruction of the individual and all that comes with it. They want to enforce it by decree, by blacklisting, by canceling, by penalizing, by peer pressure, by censorship, until we all cow in subservience to the global “worldly good.” Along the way, people will forget the motive, and only feel the mechanism of this world’s “goodness.” In fact, we see some of this already. AOC and Jennifer Rubin and the Trump Integrity Project have all talked about making lists of people who aid and abetted Trump in his eeeeeeevil racist deeds.What makes me even more sad is that too many Christians, some well meaning and naive, others explicitly embracing, go along with the world’s definition of good and forget that our good is on a whole different plane. They believe that with their freedom, they can use the good of the world to achieve spiritual good. I think this is a fool’s errand, and not biblical at that.

Jesus accepted the way man created empires and their own set of laws, and let it be. He didn’t come to create a theocracy as the Zealots wanted. He came for a spiritual kingdom that can never die. And if we, especially Christians, conflate the two, this means 1) we bring God down to our level, or 2) we never really believed in the power of God to do good through each person’s own efforts and initiative. Jesus’ broad command was to love God and love others. He didn’t mean for us to leverage the powers of government to do this. He wanted his church to do this, apart from any worldly system.

And that’s why I think so many people are focused like a laser beam on us right now. Now, I don’t believe we are a Christian nation. However, I do believe we have a culture of Christianity, and that has allowed us to do a lot of good around the world. And we, more so than most countries, value freedom and individuality above all–based on Christian ethics. The world knows that, so that’s why freedom lovers worldwide are nervous for us, and the globalists who want to put their jackboots on our neck want to destroy our culture of freedom. And this is the difference between Trump vs. Biden–a value of freedom vs. a value of control.

Sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? It’s weird, but I’m still as positive and sure of Trump’s re-election than ever. In fact, if you can read between the lines, you should take all the histrionics of Dems and media and lefty influencers as all a confidence game. They’re really scared, and it’s all bluster.We’ve already won. Now it’s just a matter of showing it to our fellow citizens, and the world.

Be of good cheer people! Things are going along as planned.

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