Faith & Politics

“Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.”

― Ronald Reagan

My personal belief, as an conservative American Christian, is that Christians of all backgrounds should leave faith out of the mechanisms of politics. As a country, we are unique in that we get to vote in policies that we believe are right. The challenge is: where do we draw the line between pushing for policies that line up with our faith versus policies that benefit the whole of society. I can say that I believe Christian values ARE good for society, and I do. But, there are many of my fellow citizens who don’t believe as I do. Is it right for us to advocate policies that line up both spiritually and politically, but to others it may be seen only as spiritual values being imposed on them in the political realm?

This is where I believe the the Moral Majority’s involvement in right wing politics has been damaging to our Christian witness. It’s history now and can’t be changed, but the more we make a distinction between Christian values and a political party, the sooner we can have integrity in our witness. As an example? I believe that God doesn’t condone gay marriage. That’s my personal belief, which does translate into voting against gay marriage. But, the vote was cast and it’s now accepted in society. I accept that, and I accept and don’t see gays as any different from before gay marriage was legalized. My own solution to the gay marriage debate was this: let them get married, but let them call it something else. Why? Because I believe that marriage as defined is the union of one man and one woman. Definitionally and also biblically, I didn’t support gay marriage. But if they came up with something, oh I don’t know, like gay unions or something, then as a Christian living in a secular society, I would’ve voted for that. But by putting the adjective “gay” in front of marriage, the word “marriage” is now meaningless. It’s like as if you called a square a four sided circle, or a motorcycle a two-wheeled car. Why do that?

That’s from a conservative viewpoint of separating faith and politics. And, I think that Christians on the left need to divorce themselves from politics as well. But, they won’t because Christian leftism is almost synonymous with political activism. They rail against conservative Christianity in politics, all the while not realizing Christian leftism is almost 100% all political. More on that later.

Christian Leftists

As a conservative Christian who sees the divide between the spiritual and secular, the Christian left has been a particular group that I find disheartening. Their social gospel history and overwhelming political perspective colors all they do, and even supersedes their call to the Gospel.

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