Faith & Politics

“Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.”

― Ronald Reagan

My personal belief, as an conservative American Christian, is that Christians of all backgrounds should leave faith out of the mechanisms of politics. As a country, we are unique in light of the oppressive empires and dictators throughout history, in that we get to vote in policies that we believe are right. The challenge is: where do we draw the line between pushing for policies that line up with our faith versus policies that benefit the whole of society. I can say that I believe Christian values ARE good for society, and I do. But, there are many of my fellow citizens who don’t believe as I do. Is it right for us to advocate policies that line up both spiritually and politically, but to others it may be seen only as spiritual values being imposed on them in the political realm? This page shares links to articles that I believe are though provoking and worth reading.

Christian Leftists

As a conservative Christian who sees the divide between the spiritual and secular, the Christian left has been a particular group that I find disheartening. Their social gospel history and overwhelming political perspective colors all they do, and even supersedes their call to the Gospel.

Death of Religion in China: Warning from China’s Marxist History on the Co-option and Eradication of Relision in China by the CCP

Christians and “Social Justice”

Seeing Racial Grievances First: Critical Race Theory is wreaking havoc on the Baptists: Is wokeness now a requirement of Christians? The destructiveness of seeing racial grievances over racial solidarity is infiltrating evangelicalism, and it’s not a good sign.

Infiltration of the Church: This is very concerning and disheartening to me because it is so sly and subtle and covert, that well meaning Christians are led into beliefs and actions that are completely counter to Christianity. Be on the look out for Justice Democrats who are behind the evangelical social justice movement, led by Zack Exley

Christian Nationalism is a Red Herring: The pernicious accusation against Christians that simply love their country must stop.

Christianity and CRT: a four part discussion from a missiological perspective.

Biblical Justice vs. Social Justice: Voddie Baucham’s sermon on discerning the difference. A shorter version is here:

Christianity and LGBT

Destruction of Christianity via Sexuality: Augusto Del Noce’s basic thesis is that in the twentieth century the political left came to see the dismantling of traditional sexual codes as the means by which Christianity could be destroyed.

The Nashville Statement, which I agree with wholeheartedly.

And a rebuttal from a liberal social justicey type Christian which casts this all in the light of social action and justice vs. the God’s standard of a union of one man an one woman. This sentence highlights it well:

WE DENY that Christianity is only about “right ideas” and “right behavior.” Instead, we view the Christian faith as the complex embodiment of God’s justice AND grace, which is beyond human comprehension.

God’s justice is for HIM to administer, and also his grace. It is beyond human comprehension–that’s true. But then she goes on to reject a statement that adheres to God’s word that clearly states his intention for humankind–male and female–and believes that we should administer justice.

The Council on Bibilical Manhood and Womanhood

A conservative Christian’s (flawed) view of Christianity affirming the LGBT view of sexuality.