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Frog in the Water

I came across this post on Twitter which, I’m paraphrasing, basically goes like this:

In China, when the government tells us something, we see and know it’s propaganda so we don’t believe it. But, you Americans… when the politicians and the media tell you something, you believe the propaganda!

That’s stuck with me for this past few days because it is so true. We Americans have grown up in such a “free” society that we take it for granted. We also take for granted the news is reported straight, the politicians give it their best to help their constituents, and so on.

I woke up from this lie, like Neo in The Matrix, in 2018. How? Because something didn’t sit right with how the media was portraying Trump in 2017. I’m not sure if you can think that far back, and remember the narrative that was painted of him. But I remember this one particular article basically said that Trump was a lonely despondent man, isolated and trapped in the White House with no allies or people he can rely on.

Well, the part that he had no one in the administration to rely on was partially true—look at all the people coming out of the woodworks turning on him now—he’s swimming with sharks! But the part that he was in siege mentality didn’t jive with what most anyone with common sense would say: that as a businessman, he probably brought a team he trusted and his family was there to support him.

So that article raised a flag and one thing led to another, and I now see that the entire world that we live in and believe to be is all on the surface. The deeper reality was and is much more scary and darker.

But, as I sit here writing this in November 2020, the truth is still buried deep. The truth I highlight today is that the media has been working hand in hand with leftist politicians to create a view of the truth that keeps people numbed and dumbed down. Just take a look at this next image:

Are these all different newspapers?!

It’s as if the six largest corporations that own all the major media outlets have a single message to share and reinforce, so that people will consciously and subconsciously accept it as the right thing.

This is the propaganda of the west. This comprehensively sly manipulation and massaging of words and pictures that make you believe that all is well. That Trump and his supporters are the racist bigots. That Biden has won the election and only Trump cultists continue to support him and divide America. All the while erasing inconvenient stories like this from history:

Antifa rioters attacking a Trump supporter in DC

And because we in the west and in America especially, trust our institutions (well, I don’t. I don’t believe the media or most Democrats and leftists at all) to be honest brokers, it’s easy to see why so many Americans swallow this propaganda as truth. It’s because they’ve never suffered under an overt socialistic government that lied to get compliance.

So we are essentially the proverbial frog in the kettle, and the water is at a low boil. Can the frog survive? It depends, but I believe that this next term for Trump will truly eradicate the leftist propaganda. And that’s why the left are going all out to make sure he doesn’t serve again. It’s literally life and death for the left.

If this election hasn’t woken you up to the media propaganda apparatus, then you have to really sit down and think: am I missing something? You’ll be surprised by the answer.

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