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Globalist Leftist Elite dogma means the end of America, and for many that’s the goal

Left-liberals don’t just dislike American culture, people, institutions, and mores. They dislike our Constitution. Fonte points to a survey finding that 79 percent of Americans who describe themselves as “very liberal” (which comprised 40 percent of all liberals) and 70 percent of the just plain liberals favored replacing our Constitution.

Ceding sovereignty to international bodies is a way to negate the Constitution.

Fonte notes that political thinkers from Plato and Aristotle to Montesquieu and the American Founders have explained that an emotional attachment to one’s political community is necessary for its survival. But that presents no problem to those on the left who don’t want our political community to survive.

And that’s the sentiment of a great many American leftists. We can infer this from the same survey mentioned above. It found that 41 percent of very liberals and 33 percent of plain liberals would like to see our country renamed.

Ditch our nation’s Constitution and its name, and in a very real sense, you have ended America.
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