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He’s Super Straight, Super Straight, He’s Super Freaky

There’s a new sexual orientation, superstraight, and the gatekeepers of the thousand trillion different genders aren’t pleased. Here’s what superstraight is, for all you who are stuck in the alphabet soup hodgepodge of identities:

So, you can be pansexual or whatever but you can’t simply be a basic human that likes the opposite biological sex without being called a bigot.

The left and their ilk don’t realize it, but their incessant demonization and calling out of people who simply want to live as they want will not end well. When they campaigned simply to just be able to marry who they love (remember the “love is love” slogan?), they didn’t mean it. They kept pushing and pushing, and instead of simply asking to be treated the same, they’re now demanding people believe and accept reality as THEY see it. This will not end well, as you can see below. There are so many rational arguments opposing them, and yet they don’t care. It’s an agenda.

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