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Hypothesis: How the Election Fraud Backfired

After two weeks, there are some pieces falling into place for the election fraud of 2020. But this tweeter I think got the gist of how the Dem’s cheating backfired on them.

The TL;DR is: the Dems programmed the software to automatically switch votes from Trump to Biden, but due to the overwhelming numbers that came in for Trump, it crapped out their algorithm limits. So their Plan B was to haul in paper ballots–probably stored as a backup and also created on the fly, while at the same time hiding/destroying Trump votes.


1) @realDonaldTrump here is my gift to you

This is not an opinion. Its based on election results

Florida is the state that describes the nations preference. Because it is in Florida we not only see you won. But we can see the “Cheat” employed to defeat you

I will be brief

2) In 2016 you won by 112,911 votes. A margin greater then any candidate in 2 decades or more.

in 2020 you won Florida by 377,023 . For a gain of 264,112.

The irony here is the three biggest Democrat counties are were you gained your victory.

2016, Dade,Palm, Broward 867,352

3) In 2020 those same districts voted for you 1,199,347. Thats a gain on 331,395 votes.

Now look at the red areas.
First you only gained 45,628 more votes in all of the red areas vs 2016. And Biden gained more then YOU in red areas

In simple terms the states voting systems

4) Were programmed to take a random percentage of “Trump Votes” & add that count to Biden’s total. A clever trick B/C the majority of the cheat in EVERY STATE would be happening in red districts that out number Blue districts

The states that stopped the count had this in common

5) Timing of the vote count stoppage.

This Occurred when the D/S realized there “Solid Blue areas” were turning out for @realDonaldTrump in numbers no one had foreseen. And stealing of votes based on a random percentage was not going to put Joe over the top.

6) The issue the D/S faced

How do we increase the random percentage of Trump votes we are counting as Biden’s vote. During the actual counting of the ballots ? And once they found themselves in this dark place. A place that would need Programmers and rebooting of voting systems

7) They realized it was to late to make changes to the software they had already written. And even with shutting down swing state counts. There was no way to install a “Fix”. So they kept it shut down and reverted to the time tested manual cheating they had planned to avoid.

8) In a nut shell the D/S software used in the election worked perfectly. There stolen Trump votes would have gone unnoticed had the “Blue areas” not voted Trump in the numbers they did.

Lastly you will be able to confirm this by noticing.

Blue area support was up nationwide

9) Until AFTER the shut down of counting. And the increased blue vote for Trump seen in every state. Are not just absent in the swing states. But flipped to Biden in numbers that are unheard of.

In layman’s terms

10) Every state , Red areas are way up for Biden vs 2016

Every State, Blue and red way up for Trump vs 2016

Swing states after the shut down. Reversed Trumps Blue vote & increased it for Biden to levels seen in no other states.

Demand a Recount & an Audit. You win BIGLY

And here’s another thread from Twitter that also breaks down the events pretty well time wise.

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