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Is The Left On The Cusp Of Permanent Triumph, Or Is It Committing Suicide?

They believe it’s a triumph, but they’re going to destroy themselves in the end.


If you think that cancel culture and social media deplatforming have
gotten out of hand, you should know that those are only two examples
of many strategies that the fascist left deploys to enforce its
political orthodoxy.

Another such strategy, currently sweeping the country, takes coercive
suppression of dissent to a whole new level. The model here comes
straight out of the old Soviet Union’s playbook: use control over
institutions to demand a continuous series of expressions of loyalty
to the orthodoxy, and then to destroy the livelihood and career of
anyone who refuses to comply.

This latest strategy, which has emerged at academic institutions, is
to make so-called “antiracism” or Critical Race Theory or Social
Justice training into a required course of study. Or better still, to
make such training not only a single required course on its own, but
also something integrated as a significant component into multiple
courses, or even into every course. Then, have the course grades and
evaluations be determined not just by the mastery of, say, calculus,
but instead or also by the demonstrated willingness of the student to
regurgitate and swear loyalty to the “antiracism” or Critical Race
Theory or Social Justice orthodoxy. Fail to show sufficient enthusiasm as (for example) an “antiracist,” and you get humiliated in class, you receive grades of D or F in your courses, and finally
you get labeled as a “racist” to all potential graduate schools and
future employers.

The more I read about this, the more I am astounded at how far the
strategy has progressed before many normal people realized what was
happening or began to push back. The question is, is this really a strategy by which the left can achieve its final triumph, or are the left and the institutions in question in the process of committing suicide?

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