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Jeff Sessions Revisited

All this brouhaha over Barr not doing a dang thing reminds me of… Jeff Sessions. I remember way back when (and I don’t even really remember the year now) Trump and Sessions were trading jabs. In my opinion, this is all to create a wall of separation between the White House and the DOJ. Why? Because I think something serious is coming out, whether it’s from the Trump side or Barr’s side. Either way, there has to be the optics of independence. I think this is for when the DOJ is now “stirred into action by the horrible and overwhelming evidence of criminal and treasonous activity” that will be presented to them. Then, the mostly generic news and politics viewers will see that Barr has been independent and not a lackey to Trump. The rabid Trump haters? They don’t matter. They are stuck in their own little bubble, like they think we Trump supporters are. Oh well…

Boy, I wasn’t even finished with this post, and here you go. Here’s the link to the AP article just so we know it’s real–even the leftist media have reported on this.

And this is a succinct lesson on the CIVIL vs CRIMINAL paths to expedient resolution on the justice side.

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