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Just Call it Envy & Greed

The current white supremacy and the aggrieved feelings against the white folks is pure and simple: envy and greed.

Do I know that the white folks have it easier in a general sense because America is still predominantly white? And that the culture has skewed that way since our founding? Of course. When I look at the ones doing well, with multigenerational wealth and families spread out and thriving and not having to worry about cultural or racial frictions and misunderstandings, of course.

But do I begrudge them their advantage? No.

Why? Because I don’t envy or have greed for the advantages they have simply for being born white. It’s not anyone’s fault their born into the family they are. We all are just here by God’s Grace, and we each have easier or more challenging lives as has been ordained by God.

There’s no point wasting time harboring resentment and anger and envy against what they have and what we don’t have. There’s much fault in our country, but the opportunity to pursue life in our own terms, by our own initiative is truly special.

I’m not saying an Asian immigrant has an easy road, or a Black person from a history of generational welfare in the slums doesn’t have to work harder to get to zero. And I’m not saying it’s wrong for us collectively as a people or government to provide a leg up to get even.

But, the current way isn’t it. People think that by calling out “systemic” or “institutional” racism, or labeling any privilege by white people as white supremacy, or viewing every negative interracial interaction as proof of the white man holding the minority down, or calling out minority’s own racism as internalized white racism is helping to win hearts and minds. It doesn’t.

In fact, by stratifying a once fairly cohesive society that had some real hard challenges into segregated victim groups with the white man as the only oppressor, it’s reversing all the gains made since the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.

As a Christian, I believe in objective absolute truth. We need to come back to an agreement that there is a measurable standard, instead of everyone having their own “lived experiences.” This is just a slippery way of saying, “What I feel trumps whatever truth or facts you present.” And people spouting that may feel good they won the argument, but they’re just hurting themselves by detaching their belief from reality.

One last thing: a big reason I don’t begrudge white folks is because I know there are many many of them who are also just struggling, trying to live day to day. They’ve never had the privilege of white privilege. Some are new immigrants to this country, and have no history with our slavery history. And others, who’ve been here decades and generations have always just struggled. This is the human condition, and they need help just as much as any other person, white or not.

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