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McWhorter: Wokeism is a religion; the problem is that it’s a ‘sh***y religion’

As McWhorter points out, you don’t have to work very hard to see the underlying religious elements of AA or other 12-step groups. All that’s missing is a call for white people to turn over their privilege to a higher power.

Ultimately, he concludes that the real problem with wokeism isn’t that it’s a religion but that it’s a bad one that focuses on an appearance of social justice purity at the expense of any good works.

An alternate-universe version of The Elect would be forging, even with a certain smug impatience with real questions, real change on the ground for real people who need help. That religion would be fine with me. In a way, it is the Catholicism of, say, Dorothy Day.

However, the this-universe version of The Elect make a pretense of being about activism when what really gets them going is shaming people and virtue signaling, while exploiting black people they don’t truly respect as tools for the former – as actual black people join them unaware of the profound dismissal that pity entails.

So the problem is not that The Elect is a religion. It’s that it’s a sh***y religion.
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