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meaning in history: What’s Going On Here?

We know what’s going on. Progressives rule the day, and they’re relishing the control they have to dictate who lives and who dies to fit their utopian ideology.

STEVE WOODSMALL, U.S. AIR FORCE VETERAN: The president has the power to waive that and make those vaccines mandatory. … I think he should show the leadership and just go ahead and waive the informed consent requirement and go ahead and make that mandatory just from a system standpoint. And then those who decide that they’re not going to take it are literally in violation of a lawful order and then they can face consequence under the uniform code of military justice. 

You can go to prison for not taking the vaccine. It’s funny, you invite someone like that on your show, he says something like that out loud, with a television camera in the room, you don’t pause and say ‘excuse me, that’s lunacy,’ no one says anything. Court Martials for anyone who refuses to take an experimental vaccine to stop a pandemic that has already ended. 

What’s going on here? It’s so obviously unnecessary and vindictive that it makes you wonder what this is really about. At the very moment that the risk for young people dying from the coronavirus hits zero, they’re telling us that soldiers should be arrested and go to jail if they don’t get the vaccine. They’re telling you that you’ll end up in a government database if you don’t comply, and that government agents will be showing up and knocking on your door. What’s really going on?
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