Men & Women

“Men and women have roles – their roles are different, but their rights are equal.”

— Harri Holkeri

As a Christian, I believe that the institution of marriage was created by God, and that there is an order to this creation that produces harmony and blessing from one generation to the next. The quote above sums up my view–that men and women have different roles, and to deny otherwise goes against nature and wreaks havoc. We’ve seen the different iterations of the feminist movement in the last 150 years, and with all the hook up culture, free love, misandry, misogyny, the fight for “equality,” I believe a societal return to biblical standards is the best answer to the rudderless men and women we see all around us today.

  • Interesting read from a woman who’s practically in enemy territory on the issue of wokeness and militant feminism. I’ve also reposted here, in case the article ever gets censored. Not a bad practice, in our unforgiving times.