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My Pantone Color is… 4025 C

Having grown up internationally, with friends from all walks and many nations around the world, talking about race and the dynamics of it in culture, family, etc. has never been an issue. But, I think with the black left here in the US I may be a bit more circumspect.

This is a fun read on race from a biracial family:

My kids often point out that within our own family, the five of us are all completely different skin colors. They think it’s really cool, and even cooler to talk about it. For them, it is a source of positive fascination. When it comes to race and religion, they want to know more, learn more, embrace more. At my daughter’s birthday party in February last year in Bolivia (where we live for some of the year), the guests included an indigenous Indian, a black Brazilian and a Bolivian of Japanese ancestry. Many languages, many colors, many questions and many laughs. Did one of the parents go online to see who matched which Dulux paint color scheme? Yes, guilty as charged. And that makes them racist? Come on. Get real.

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