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Never Trumpers Illustrate Why Loyalty Is An Important Political Virtue

Tyrants vs. Saints

Whether it’s the sanctimonious French, the reptilian Kristol, or the unstable Jennifer Rubin, a common pattern emerges that goes beyond their opposition to Trump. Based on the evidence evidence Kelly lays out, all of them seem to suffer from a strange solipsism that prevents self-awareness. Besides Trump being wrong all of the time, they are always right — no matter what position they take or how much reality contradicts them.

As C. S. Lewis once said, “How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerors have been; how gloriously different are the saints.” The same could be said of the Never Trumpers who continued their attack against Trump even after he has left office. Either they sense an opportunity in retaking the Republican Party or they have run out of anything else to say.
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