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One Year Later, Vindication for Lockdown Skeptics

Lockdowns were doomed to fail: with a few exceptions, humans have been unable to conquer debilitating viruses—pathogens outsmart us every time; there is nowhere to hide. And the quarantine of healthy people, especially children, set the world’s most advanced civilization back to the Stone Ages.

But the “party of science” wisely seized the opportunity. The strong overpowered the weak in the biggest political power grab in modern U.S. history; the young sacrificed for the old. Our most vulnerable citizens, children and the elderly, were betrayed, in some cases killed, by the very same political interests purportedly devoted to protecting them.

Even I underestimated the wickedness of the Left, how far they would go to exploit the crisis. I also underestimated the cowardice of so-called conservative leaders who not only refused to confront catastrophic, liberty-crushing lockdowns but went along with those authoritarian government orders. Republican governors, for the most part, have acted as badly as their Democratic counterparts.

President Trump, who wanted to open up the economy and the schools in April, was hamstrung by his own team of advisors and experts; the man famous for firing incompetents allowed proven incompetents to run the COVID show and drive a thriving U.S. economy into the ground. Trump warned the cure could not be worse than the disease—but by every measure, it was.
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