American Colors was founded on the belief that America is still the greatest nation on Earth that provides the most opportunity for the pursuit of happiness.  And it gives people the freedom to pursue their individual happiness in their own way, however they define happiness.

American Colors' goal is to find common ground for Americans from all colors, backgrounds, and heritages.  Common ground in our identity as Americans--united around the idea of E Pluribus Unum--not divided.  The state of the country right now is dire, and there is too much division and hatred.  We want to find harmony and unity among our fellow citizens in the midst of all this anger and chaos.  Using food, culture, race, relations, faith, social issues as a basis, our goal is to find the thread of unity and celebrate each person's particular take on America, from all different angles.  Respect and trust will be forged by understanding and appreciating all our differences that make up this great land.

American Colors' vision is to unite freedom loving Americans of all colors around our love of the red, white, and blue.  United, we are strong.

Our Designs

When you look at our designs, you'll notice that we have a "less is more" clean look.  My wife categorized it as clean classic look, with a touch of vintage or retro thrown in there.  Our approach to celebrating America is to present simple designs and statements that simply show love and pride in our country.

About Tom

As a world traveler, Tom has lived on four continents and experienced many different cultures and appreciates the unique beauty of each place.  From Asia to Africa, from Europe to (currently) home in Socal, he celebrates all the peoples, places, and beauty that the world offers.  Knowing that he's blessed and fortunate to be able to call the USA home.

Tom's background is in engineering, though he's the first to say that he's a very bad engineer.  After leaving that career, he embarked on a myriad of industries ranging from web services, to education, to non-profit, to fashion.  His wife described him the best relative to our mission at American Colors--"You're an American looking at America from an outsider's perspective."  That he is.

Tom, The Big Kahuna

Max, The Official Stress Reliever