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Psyops Ongoing Against Americans by their own Government

This supports my thesis that we are in a war, an information war, that many don’t even know. And because of this ignorance, people are believing and accepting things that goes against what is healthy in an open society. The article is here, but here’s an excerpt:

We arrived in our current situation because our ruling elites painstakingly prepared the battleground in advance. In 2012, they amended the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act to permit the domestic dissemination of government propaganda into American newsfeeds.

In 2015, they passed the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Act, which created a cottage industry of government-funded, progressive-leaning CVE consultants and think tanks dedicated to pushing the myth of right-wing “domestic extremism” and “white supremacy.”  Employing teachers, healthcare professionals, first responders, and community leaders, the Obama-era CVE mania built a federally controlled and funded local surveillance and intelligence collection apparatus that spans from grade schools to the workplace to the doctor’s office. An apparatus that still uses debunked pseudoscience to classify ordinary Americans’ constitutionally protected speech and activities as “pre-terrorism indicators.”

Under the pretext of keeping us safe, they passed multiple counterterrorism laws such as the 2001 USA Patriot Act, the 2015 USA Freedom Act, and the various FISA Amendment Acts (2008, 2017, 2018, 2020), which, taken together, authorize warrantless mass surveillance of all American’s communications, activities, associations, and business transactions.

In addition to these legislative actions, Americans became apathetic and lost the will to hold their government leaders accountable. The multi-tier justice system under which we now suffer has been years in the making. According to a 2019 Pew Research Center analysis, of the 79,704 total federal defendants in the year 2018, fewer than one percent went to trial and were acquitted. The vast majority were coerced into plea bargains as a result of prosecutors stacking charges, a practice of bringing large numbers of often redundant charges against a defendant in order to force a guilty plea. Many defendants, facing decades behind bars from the stacked charges, take a plea agreement even when innocent instead of going to trial and gambling on the meager acquittal rate.

Our federal security services were weaponized and converted into secret police enforcers for the Democratic Party. If you are a 60 or 70 year-old Trump political supporter with no criminal record, you get a televised, dawn FBI SWAT raid and a de facto life sentence for a contrived process crime. If you are a ruling class criminal, on the other hand, the Justice Department looks the other way and you get sweet book deals, million-dollar GoFundMe accounts, and high-paying gigs on establishment media news shows.

Domestic propaganda, mass surveillance, and a multi-tiered justice system—these are the tools of tyranny that were diligently set in place by the elites to facilitate their aspiration to permanent power. This is not solely a leftist march through America’s institutions: Plenty of GOP politicians and government officials participated in building this authoritarian infrastructure. If traditional Americans are going to take their country back, this is what they face.

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