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Racist White Christian Leftists

When I read and watch and hear all these white leftists talk about how there is so much white supremacy, about their own guilt, their white privilege, and how they will never understand the pain and suffering of People of Color, it makes me want to puke.

I feel as if we’re the next project for them to fix. Why? So they can feel good about how good they’re living up to the golden rule, and being so benevolent and gracious and merciful to own up to their own failings.

Don’t they see what they’re doing? They feel all this shame and guilt for whatever reason they want because they’re white. And now, they are using an ENTIRE class of people, the POC, to assuage them of their white guilt. And what’s even worse is, they only listen to the POC that allow them to feel they’re making progress on their way to enlightened moral goodness. It’s the leftist POC that wallow in their victimhood that perpetuates this cycle of groveling that lets white leftists atone for their whiteness in such societally destructive ways. Then they can brag about how good they are as (white) folks because they’ve made amends to the “right” POC.

Well, what about the POC that DON’T want to hear this white guilt crap? What about conservative minorities who don’t believe we need to have anyone cater to us, to tiptoe around us, to coddle us, to make us feel like children, to always feel we’re being put upon, and never able to have agency to overcome the “wrongs” that white society has perpetrated against us? Are we not human beings strong enough to take the slings and arrows of true injustice and racism and determine how we want to respond? Or are we never allowed to do that because…. what, we’re too fragile and unable to bear it? That sounds pretty racist to me, if you’re asking.

For me, when I see the white left accuse white folks on the right of being racists, I roll my eyes. Are they there on the right? Well yeah. Human nature is what it is. Only God (and education and time) can cure this racial sin. But, as a policy and as practice, most conservatives do condemn right wing racists. These folks are easy to see and call out, and that’s what the white left do, all the while ignoring the racist plank in their own eye.

When the white left (and yes Christian ones too, disgustingly) abase themselves at the altar of social justice and critical race theory, all I see are actual racists. When they can only see us through the lens of race to make them feel good about themselves as the white savior, they don’t see or comprehend that this is the epitome of racism. And condescension and superiority.

Well, they’ll say they’re allies or simply wanting to right actual “systemic” racism. Look, if Cain was capable of killing Abel at the very beginning of human history, what makes you think this is a problem that’s only existed since the “evil” white man has been dominant through western civilization? This is a sin problem, and if you keep instituting policy or normalize cancel culture that short circuits the natural work of time through the generations to eradicate racism by education and intentional attempts by people to make the right decision, then you’re enforcing acceptance by force. Which sounds pretty totalitarian to me. What’s the saying? A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

Do I wish there was no racism? Of course, but whites, black, Asians, Hispanics, and people of all races and ethnicity all have their biases and prejudices. By codifying rules to force colorblindness in favor of one group over another, you’re only perpetuating racial animosity. Do you think that this “white nationalism” thing sprouted in isolation? No. When you casually state as fact that only white folks are forever and always the bad ones, simply for being born that way, you are literally begging them to resent society and to cling even harder to their identity. Because what you’re doing when you support this critical race theory crap is saying that one racial group doesn’t have the right to exist. And we all know what group that is.

Racial reconciliation is a sin problem, in my eyes, and the best way to fight this is on a spiritual and moral front. We live in a society that is nominally Christian as a culture, so that is an advantage. We as the church (individually and as a whole) need to help people see their own racial blindspots, and only through the conviction of a spiritually based moral foundation, can we slowly win the racial war that is raging now. I don’t believe in using policy in government, except to mandate equal treatment. The rest is a heart issue, and that’s where Christians have to be present and speak up.

Do I know that I may be at an advantage sometimes due to my race? Yes, of course. But I don’t let that stop me. Nope, you won’t find me rolled up in a corner in a fetal position and sucking my thumb crying, “But the white man!!!” I accept this is life, warts and all, and get on with it. I also do think that I’m blessed that I’m able to live in a society that as a whole is becoming (well, we’ll see how that goes) more racially and ethnically integrated. There are much much worse problems facing the world right now, so my issues aren’t worth getting angry over.

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