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Never missing an opportunity: CCP Edition

The global elites have glommed onto the coronavirus as it’s vehicle to destroy the world economy, and then usher in a new global reset.

If there is a vaccine out, on top of the evidence that very few people die from this very contagious virus, why isn’t there a less draconian approach to this virus that treats people like people rather than serfs to be rules over?

If you look at the recent Time magazine, you can see their game. They have a “reset” in store, and then they’ll unleash their own version of a dystopian film. Except they get to be the Haves, and those of us left begging for crumbs playing the role of the Have Nots. This is why America needs to be destroyed—our love of freedom and the right to defend ourselves is a big hurdle to world dominance.

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MAGA March in DC

In this country where we have still the semblance of a republic, this is about as close as you can get to a people’s uprising against the dark forces of a soft coup that is being perpetrated even as we speak.

I’ll have more on the current election fraud, but this mass movement or uprising of people coming out in support of President Trump and America is heartening. It means we haven’t completely lost our will to fight and stand up and be counted when our very lives and way of living is under constant attack.

I write to simply say that I stand with ALL of the people there in DC today, and with ALL of us patriots across the land that are speaking out and sharing and raising our voices against the deep state that has always been out to sabotage President Trump.

If the massive theft of this election hasn’t opened your eyes to the forces that have been arrayed against Trump (and us), then you need to open your mind to the reality that YOUR paradigm may be wrong. That YOUR worldview may be and is wrong. Wake up. Think.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸