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Well, I guess we have a new president. I accept that he’s in the role, but he’s #notmypresident, and if you plan to #resist, good. Use the last four years as your tutorial.

I won’t say much more besides the fact that our country is broken. When election fraud can be perpetrated at such a large scale level, and at all levels of government, then I accept that bitter pill–this is a secular world and government after all. And for those of you who claim that Trump had no evidence: you are basically taking the position that, unless it’s proven in court, it never happened. All who are honest will acknowledge this was a stolen election. You can continue to imbibe at the mainstream media trough and believe your own truth and reality, that’s fine, but I don’t want to hear any rationale you bring. You are untethered from reality.

Those of you on the left claim that Trump made these last four years chaotic, but if you looked carefully, you’ll notice who it was that really made these last four years hard: YOU.

Starting with many boycotting his inauguration and burning and destroying things, the Russian collusion hoax, spying on Trump during and after the transition, the fake impeachment “inquiry,” and even the now disproven Capitol Building “incitement” to riot. All these and many more, plus the slanted and negative portrayals of the Trump administration and family were caused by the left. And yet, Trump was able to bring peace to the Middle East, NOT start any wars, bring back manufacturing and jobs to the States, all despite the headwind he faced. There are a lot more achievements, but it’s okay, you can’t get over your own offended morality to acknowledge it.

If you Biden supporters are all happy now that we can “gain respectability” back on the world stage, be my guest. You’re basically consigning your fellow citizens to be the serfs whose labor and taxes are used to support the world. Even on Day 1, Biden already signed an order to use our tax dollars to fund abortions worldwide again, just like Obama did. And, I’m sure our soldiers will be sacrificed soon for new wars in areas we should not be in. And we are back in the Paris Accords, where we just handcuffed our economy to let others skate free. But, if it makes you feel morally superior to those you see as the racist, bigoted, unempathetic white supremacists, go ahead. Feel good about being a baby killer, and making your fellow citizens live a poorer life. I commend your earnestness to be liked, as we let illegal immigrant murderers go free.

God is in control, and this is his will. In the larger scheme none of this matters, though it will make life harder in some areas and probably chip away at more of our religious freedoms–for that, I’m very sad. I battled in my way to push for what I believe would grant us more freedom and in alignment with my faith, and I still will. But, my approach will be different. In fact, I’ve already started on it and I hope to share more with you all later. I’ll be stepping back for a bit to unwind, so may be scarce for a while.

So, to all you Biden supporters, may you get all you want good and hard from these next four years. And for those who believed as I do, I wish we all had better news today, right? Chin up, it’ll be okay. Better? No, just okay.

Oh, but one last thing. I don’t think Trump is done. He deserves this break, but this may be just the beginning. 🙂

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Red Flag Anyone?

Isn’t it interesting that Trump, the so called loser of this past election is going to have (in my opinion) an epically HUGE turnout on January 6th. And in the meantime, Biden, the so called winner of this past election, is trimming things down for his inauguration on the 20th. It’s like he’s not even going to be president or something… Take a look:

So, what gives? Do you really think that, for a presidential candidate to have won an historic 80 million votes, this makes sense? I mean seriously, come on man. Okay, you can say that Trump supporters are being stupid and immoral in creating a super spreader event and they’re heartless people not caring about covid. But they’re not the ones sheepily being the mask nazis, losing their minds. They are the ones actually following the science and common sense, as they try to go about their everyday lives as normally as possible. Or maybe they’re cultists, blindly following the charlatan Trump who’s busily sucking even more money out of their pockets. The only cult Trump supporters follow is the one that America’s founding father’s established–life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But, forget that huge red herring covid excuse. The signs of a rigged election were there from the beginning. If you look at the 10 people that showed up at each of Biden’s rallies, the view count for his virtual events, and *cough* his so called election win versus Trump’s January 6th event, is there any larger red flag that Biden has been the ghost candidate? Practically carried across the finish line by his minders and puppet masters?

When people on the left keep scoffing that all Trump’s legal challenges have been thrown out, or that there’s a lack of evidence, they keep missing the biggest evidence staring them in the face: JOE BIDEN. He’s a complete fraud of a candidate, with NO mandate and NO support other than he’s not Trump. And even then, the left had to cheat to win. Once the truth is revealed about how weak and small the number of Democrats are in reality, it will be pretty shocking.