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Red Flag Anyone?

Isn’t it interesting that Trump, the so called loser of this past election is going to have (in my opinion) an epically HUGE turnout on January 6th. And in the meantime, Biden, the so called winner of this past election, is trimming things down for his inauguration on the 20th. It’s like he’s not even going to be president or something… Take a look:

So, what gives? Do you really think that, for a presidential candidate to have won an historic 80 million votes, this makes sense? I mean seriously, come on man. Okay, you can say that Trump supporters are being stupid and immoral in creating a super spreader event and they’re heartless people not caring about covid. But they’re not the ones sheepily being the mask nazis, losing their minds. They are the ones actually following the science and common sense, as they try to go about their everyday lives as normally as possible. Or maybe they’re cultists, blindly following the charlatan Trump who’s busily sucking even more money out of their pockets. The only cult Trump supporters follow is the one that America’s founding father’s established–life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But, forget that huge red herring covid excuse. The signs of a rigged election were there from the beginning. If you look at the 10 people that showed up at each of Biden’s rallies, the view count for his virtual events, and *cough* his so called election win versus Trump’s January 6th event, is there any larger red flag that Biden has been the ghost candidate? Practically carried across the finish line by his minders and puppet masters?

When people on the left keep scoffing that all Trump’s legal challenges have been thrown out, or that there’s a lack of evidence, they keep missing the biggest evidence staring them in the face: JOE BIDEN. He’s a complete fraud of a candidate, with NO mandate and NO support other than he’s not Trump. And even then, the left had to cheat to win. Once the truth is revealed about how weak and small the number of Democrats are in reality, it will be pretty shocking.

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We Will Never Completely Know…

I’m thinking that with all the misdirection and fake news of chaos and traitorous actions leaking from Trump’s camp lately, the opposition is still wary and nervous.

I mean, apart from the standard boilerplate social media pablum trying to gaslight people into thinking Trump lost, the Dems and leftists seem quiet. Nervously on edge is my guess, as they’re finally realizing Trump has more moves and they can’t figure it out. 

For Trump supporters, it means we shouldn’t be frustrated that it seems like nothing’s happening especially when we believe it will be any day now. Trump needs to catch them completely off guard. Completely. So, we’ll know when they know is my guess. And I’m good with that.

Our task as patriotic Americans is to simply keep speaking up as is our right and responsibility in this country. We elected a Trump to clean house. That’s exactly what he’s doing. Hold the line and be patient.🇺🇸

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If Biden Really Did Win…

When you win something fair and square, wouldn’t you want that win to be unequivocally acknowledged? Without the taint of cheating or murmurs of dirty play?

This is one reason I’m further convinced Biden and a good majority on the left knew cheating occurred on his way to “victory.” Many Democrats and regular folks on the left have been scoffing, ridiculing, mocking, lying, and screaming how, “Trump lost, you racist losers!!” This may be due to their Trump derangement, where anything Trump or his supporters do is de facto illegitimate. But, that big asterisk aside, it still doesn’t hide the reality that the so called “winning” team seems dead set against letting people check to see if the election was run fairly. Now why is that?

If Biden really did win, and you truly believe that, then wouldn’t you want to explain to people who don’t believe it or at least give them the benefit of the doubt of trying to explain all these so called allegations of fraud? Why the lack of transparency? Democrats and many on the left keep gloating how Trump keeps losing in court, all the while not understanding that each of these events where courts refuse to look at evidence and throw the case out on procedural issues is more evidence of shady business.

People don’t seem to understand that hiding evidence, no matter how it’s done or by whom, is illegal:

What is Spoliation Of Evidence?

The outcome of a case hinges on the strength of the evidence presented and the evidentiary rules are quite strict about the responsibilities of both parties to preserve evidence. Any intentional, reckless, or negligent hiding of evidence by either party to the proceeding is illegal.

This is known as spoliation of evidence (also tampering with evidence) and can result in serious legal consequences. While the concept of spoliation of evidence may be applied in a civil case, it is often at issue in criminal cases.

What is Considered Hiding of Evidence?

“Hiding” of evidence is quite broad. It can include any action that results in the hiding, withholding, altering or destruction of evidence relevant to the case. Essentially, any action by the part that makes the evidence unavailable for the legal proceeding may be considered spoliation of evidence.

As well, in some jurisdictions, witness tampering (i.e. intimidating a witness, physically preventing them from testifying, or persuading them to alter their testimony) can be considered an example of spoliation of evidence.

Legal Match

So, you have to ask yourself: are these the actions of a winner, or not? I think not.

p.s. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve all had this sixth sense about the attitudes and mood on the left right now. They don’t seem to be exultant or happy. They seem rather… down and despondent and tentative. I mean, why has Harris not resigned her senate seat if she’s so sure she’s the next VP? Just an observation.

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Just Begun to Fight

President Trump laid out a marker yesterday, which I read as a last chance for the opposing side to take heed.

Then this morning he says that he’s now JUST begun to fight. I think he’s finally going to go on offense and defend the constitution and its supporters.

This may be my last post for a little bit. Too many things are going on it’s getting hot. I’ll close with this: hold the line, be patient, have faith, and know that Trump will prove that we’ve won. Be safe and be happy warriors!

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Jeff Sessions Revisited

All this brouhaha over Barr not doing a dang thing reminds me of… Jeff Sessions. I remember way back when (and I don’t even really remember the year now) Trump and Sessions were trading jabs. In my opinion, this is all to create a wall of separation between the White House and the DOJ. Why? Because I think something serious is coming out, whether it’s from the Trump side or Barr’s side. Either way, there has to be the optics of independence. I think this is for when the DOJ is now “stirred into action by the horrible and overwhelming evidence of criminal and treasonous activity” that will be presented to them. Then, the mostly generic news and politics viewers will see that Barr has been independent and not a lackey to Trump. The rabid Trump haters? They don’t matter. They are stuck in their own little bubble, like they think we Trump supporters are. Oh well…

Boy, I wasn’t even finished with this post, and here you go. Here’s the link to the AP article just so we know it’s real–even the leftist media have reported on this.

And this is a succinct lesson on the CIVIL vs CRIMINAL paths to expedient resolution on the justice side.

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The Executive Order Trap

2020 has been a surreal year right out of a screenwriter’s half done scribbling of a dystopian world, hasn’t it.

But, in a weird way that 2020 is more like a James Bond movie meets Purge, it seems like a lot of the conspiracies that have been out there related to the global cabal and deep state are coming true. Spectre is real!!!

This video is a follow up to the Executive Order post of two days ago. Sidney Powell literally describes the crimes that have been committed during this election, and made illegal by this EO. This isn’t a movie; this is real life. And the trap has caught all the bad actors. Now we just sit back and wait for the third act.