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Upscale Residents Protest as Biden Converts Scottsdale Hotel into ICE Detention Center

So happy the white leftists are getting what they voted for, good and hard. They voted for Biden, and he returned the favor.

Upscale Residents Protest as Biden Converts Scottsdale Hotel into ICE Detention Center – Ricochet
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Globalist Leftist Elite dogma means the end of America, and for many that’s the goal

Left-liberals don’t just dislike American culture, people, institutions, and mores. They dislike our Constitution. Fonte points to a survey finding that 79 percent of Americans who describe themselves as “very liberal” (which comprised 40 percent of all liberals) and 70 percent of the just plain liberals favored replacing our Constitution.

Ceding sovereignty to international bodies is a way to negate the Constitution.

Fonte notes that political thinkers from Plato and Aristotle to Montesquieu and the American Founders have explained that an emotional attachment to one’s political community is necessary for its survival. But that presents no problem to those on the left who don’t want our political community to survive.

And that’s the sentiment of a great many American leftists. We can infer this from the same survey mentioned above. It found that 41 percent of very liberals and 33 percent of plain liberals would like to see our country renamed.

Ditch our nation’s Constitution and its name, and in a very real sense, you have ended America.
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The Face of Evil: The left’s morally bankrupt philosopher

Michel Foucault is the intellectual godfather of the modern Left. I have always found this fact strange, as his theories, to the extent they are intelligible, are obviously wrong. But they formed the basis for such leftist staples as identity politics and sexual confusion, and so, coherent or not, they were welcomed enthusiastically by liberals.

Foucault has long been known to have been, personally, a sinister figure. At the Epoch Times, Roger Simon writes about recent revelations of Foucault’s history. Roger starts with the scandal of Major League Baseball weighing in on behalf of voter fraud, one of endless instances of virtue signaling and moral narcissism. Then, on to Foucault:

[J]ust who is this godfather of “woke”?

Well, there’s a lot of convoluted graduate school rhetoric, but it turns out the reality of the man may not be very flattering. Rumors of a certain amount of perversion have surrounded Foucault for some time but now testimony has surfaced that is distinctly “unwoke.”

I am not sure I agree with Roger here. Are the “woke” actually opposed to perversion? I doubt it.

What follows is a quote from the London Times:

French-American professor Guy Sorman accused French philosopher Michel Foucault of being a ‘pedophile rapist’ in an interview with The Sunday Times. Sorman, a friend of Foucault, said that the philosopher sexually abused Arab children while living in Tunisia in the late 1960s.

Stating that he learned of the situation when he visited Foucault, Sorman said: ‘The young children were running after Foucault to say, what about me? Take me, take me. They were 8, 9, 10 years old. Foucault was throwing money at them and would say, ‘let’s meet at 10 p.m. at the usual place.’ He would make love there on the gravestones with young boys. The question of consent wasn’t even raised.’

Roger asks: can a moral degenerate nevertheless be a source of sound philosophy?

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Intellectual Yet Idiot

This is brilliant:

“Typically, the IYI get first-order logic right, but not second-order (or higher) effects, making him totally incompetent in complex domains.

The IYI has been wrong, historically, about Stalinism, Maoism, GMOs, Iraq, Libya, Syria, lobotomies, urban planning, low carbohydrate, diets, gym machines, behaviorism, trans-fats, Freudianism, portfolio theory, linear regression, HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup), Gaussianism, Salafism, dynamic stochastic equilibrium modeling, housing projects, marathon running, selfish genes, election-forecasting models, Bernie Madoff (pre-blowup), and p-values. But he is still convinced that his current position is right.*1”

Excerpt From
Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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The Elite are Desperately Clinging to Legitimacy, and Failing

This blog post does a good job of describing the realization we are having collectively as a society about the truth of our “leaders.”

I’ve not watched “mainstream” news for many years now. That includes Fox News, the “alt-right” punching bag derisively spat out by the left. So, where do I get my news from? I get it from many sources, and it’s honestly a lot of work to keep up with filtering out and discerning and coming to an understanding of what is true and based in reality. It’s not easy, and even if I’m 95% sure of the news, the 5% still makes the edges blurry. And I think that in the 24/7 psyop world of information warfare and media propaganda, that’s by design. The deep state cabal doesn’t want citizens to be aware of the real truth. Rather, they want each group to have their own version of “truth,” which oddly pits them against each other.

I don’t deny that I’m in one group–the conservative one. But, my battle isn’t against any other group per se. It’s actually a battle (war, more like) against false information believed by people opposed to my values. If only people could stop and think critically about what they hear, they can finally see how their emotions have been manipulated to hate the “other.”

The great predicament of our moment in history is the collapse of the public’s trust in democratic institutions. That collapse is long-running, well-established, and catastrophic. Every corner of our fractured political landscape feels compelled to express, vociferously, its anger and repudiation. The default rhetorical posture of the web has become the rant.

At the extremes, there has been real violence. Black Lives Matter militants rampaged in our urban centers because they claimed to feel oppressed by the systemic racism of American society. QAnon protesters violated the Capitol building in Washington because they believed the electoral process was a fraud. Lives were lost in these incidents. …

In his essay “Classical Liberals in a Polarized Age,” Kevin Vallier suggests that the crisis of trust hasn’t received the attention it deserves. That is certainly true, but not for lack of scholars who have tried to make sense of it. Yuval Levin, for one, has found the hemorrhage of trust to be largely deserved. The institutions, Levin writes, were once “formative” – they molded the character and discipline of those who inhabited them – but are now “performative” – mere platforms for elite self-expression and the promotion of personal brands. The military, which still manages to imbue its members with a code of conduct as well as functional skills, has retained the highest levels of trust among the public.

I accept Levin’s description of the decadence of the institutions, and I have tried to explain it in terms of their maladaptation to a radically transformed information environment.

The great institutions of the twenty-first century – government, political parties, media – received their shape in the twentieth. That was the heyday of the top-down, I-talk-you-listen model of organizing humanity – and this model could be accepted as legitimate only so long as it enjoyed a semi-monopoly over information in every domain. The elites at the top of the pyramid talked, certain that nobody would talk back. They promised utopia and asked to be judged on their intentions, not their performance.

The digital tsunami has simply swept away the legitimacy of this model. The storm of information has reduced the institutions to theatrical stages, and the political class is utterly demoralized as the public, in their hundreds of millions, not only talks but screams back its opposition on every question. The public’s disenchantment with the institutions may be compared to modern science’s disenchantment of the world of fairies and goblins. The collapse in trust, at the deepest level, is the falling away of an old faith.

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USSA…and the Coming Collapse?

With all the upheaval politically that will soon reverberate throughout the country, plus the bubble in the financial market, Charles Hugh Smith is always a sobering read. This one is on the collapse of the USA, mirroring how the USSR collapsed in 1989.

But once the power structure admits, however minimally, that it no longer has the answers to the decay of the social-economic order, then the entire artificial construct collapses in a heap. This is the sociology of collapse: people accept a facade of artifice and propaganda without actually believing any of it, though they do have a limbic loyalty to the founding ideals of the State.

The ideologues (True Believers) are avoided as dangerous brown-nosers, and the Dissenters are avoided because it’s not worth being sent to digital Siberia (shadow-banned, deleted, marginalized) just to publicly call attention to the abject failure of status quo institutions and organs of propaganda.

What’s real is denial, repression of dissent, group-think, virtue-signaling and a profound loss of competence. What’s hyper-normalized artifice is all the media spew about how great everything is going to be once we print and squander another couple trillion dollars to prop up the zombie corporations, institutions and government agencies until the magical vaccine time machine returns us to the glorious debt-dependent overconsumption of 2019.

The USSA has not yet admitted that the decay of its socio-economic order is unstoppable, and so the internal gulag has yet to be breached. But artifice is not a substitute for reality, and what’s unsustainable (hyper-normalized artifice) unravels very quickly once the first thread is pulled.