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The American Left Are the Regressives

If you look at the different elections going on around the world, the progressive left parties have all been receding and shrinking. But not so in America.

I think a Trump did a great job catalyzing this populist move worldwide, which I believe has encouraged many people of faith in these different countries. But his “loss” here I think will rebound to a win for the conservative cause. Why? Because the nature of America is an either or, so we must collectively get a taste of the “or” option now from the left. And I don’t think it will turn out as they are planning.

And, if this does blow up in their face, then I sense that God will renew us and give us and others around a world a second chance for revival. Just my gut sense now.

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The Polls Show…the Emperor is Butt Nekkid

This is confirmation to what I think, and what I think the majority of people think: The left who are in power now cheated their way to the presidency, but they don’t have a mandate. They are literally ruling AGAINST the wishes of the people now.


(Pulled from Powerline’s post) I’m looking over the 189-page results of a recent Harvard-Harris poll of 1,778 voters conducted last week, and there are some interesting findings to pass along:

Andrew Cuomo: Very Favorable/Favorable— 31%; Unfavorable/Very Unfavorable—42%

(Note: the poll finished on Feb. 25, before most of the sexual harassment stories hit the media.)

This question is interesting for its even split: “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The 2020 election was unfair because big tech companies, Hollywood, big corporations, and the media worked together to hold back information from voters and change the rules against Donald Trump, or were their actions fair?”

Agree: 49%; Disagree: 51%

Now here’s where it starts to get interesting: “Which do you find more concerning—the violence that occurred in American cities over the summer of 2020, or the incident at the U.S. Capitol on January 6?”

Violence in American cities: 55%; Incident at the Capitol on Jan. 6: 45%.

More: “Do you think the perpetrators of violence in American cities over the summer are being looked for and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?” Yes: 48%; No: 52%.

“Do you think Antifa is a domestic terrorist group or not a domestic terrorist group?”

Terrorist group: 71%; Not a terrorist group: 29%.

“Do you think that the events at the U.S. Capitol are being used by politicians to suppress legitimate political movements or do you think there is no such suppression of legitimate movements?

Being used to suppress legitimate movements: 64%; Not being used to suppress: 36%

“Do you think the riots are being used as an excuse to silence political voices on the right or is the reaction to them a legitimate response to the violence?”

Being used to silence the right: 59%; Legitimate response, 41%.

There are several immigration questions that suggest huge vulnerabilities for Democrats. Start with: “Do you think that coming into the United States without any documentation should be a crime or not a crime?”

Crime: 65%; Not a crime, 35%.

“Do you think that any holes in the border wall with Mexico should be patched, or should be left open?”

Patched: 73%; Left open, 27%.

“Should the hundreds of miles of border wall that have been constructed over the last few years be left in place or dismantled?”

Left in place: 79%; Dismantled, 21%. Score one for Trump.

There’s a lot more in this very long survey that comes at most questions from several angles, producing a lot of confusion and contradictory results, but the deficiencies of this kind of opinion survey are a subject for a rant on another occasion.