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Trump is Almost Ready to Go

In the coming days, I believe there will be legal moves, media moves, and possibly even military/security moves and activity. Do not worry. As you have seen, contrary to what lies the left have been spewing, Trump and the conservatives have been using all available LEGAL LAWS set in our Constitution to pursue redress in terms of what he (and we) sees as a fraudulent election.

Understand this: the president has a lot of constitutional powers given to him to protect and secure the safety and integrity of this country. Even militarily if warranted. But, he’s being very patient in following the proper process because he wants to maintain the unity of the country. As we are seeing now, China has been a nefarious and evil enemy waging war against us financially, industrially via intellectual property theft and outright purchase, and politically by spying, extortion, bribes, and payoffs. Trump knows we are at war with China; an information war with the disadvantage of enemies within that are blinded to the harsh reality of the world as it is.

Until the left understands that they are standing against the will of the people and against the constitution, and I think they’re slowly coming to that realization, Trump will keep working the mechanisms at his disposal until they force him to move more forcefully. And I, along with many others, will stand in support of his actions.

I am not a Trump cultist nor a Christian nationalist, which the left uses to insult people they don’t agree with. I simply believe that I am blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to worship and live how we want. Plus we have (up till now) a system of government that lets us participate in deciding how we want to live with each other. And because of this, I truly believe that Trump is the man for this hour—not a Democrat or Republican—but an American like us, who will help restore our country back to its founding values. The Rubicon has been crossed, so there’s no turning back. Are you all in? I am, 100%. God bless you and God bless America and all the people around the world yearning to live in freedom.