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The Dems NEED People to Believe Trump Supporters Planned a Coup (hint: it’s not working)

Now in power, the Dems/left have continued the narrative that the crazy and dangerous and coup happy right wing Trump crazy followers (yeah, we support, not follow, sheesh) need to be canceled, fired, eliminated, removed… basically made invisible as part of “normal” society.

Sadly, too many on the left have bought into this crap. See here:

Really? Really? We are more dangerous than Antifa and BLM, who were busily burning down cities all over the country last year, and creating their own little CHAZ’s. But whatever.

Today, Glenn Greenwald has a good piece on why the Dems desperately cling to this illusion. You can check it out here, which follows up on his earlier debunking article here. Bottom line: the Dems need to create a boogeyman out of us on the right, so they can launch this domestic war on “terror.” Like your grandma is a terrorist… sure, bud. :]

This smells of pure desperation, where they need to get rid of everyone who knows they cheated their way into power. Good luck on that, they’ll need it.

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