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The Election of 2020 is Almost Over

From a source I trust, I believe that Trump is almost done and ready to expose the election fraud for what it is. If you look at the timeline, everything has been percolating, and I believe the negotiations behind the scenes for leniency and other deals are being cut now.

I’ve never forgotten this quote, where Trump says he loves getting even with people, taking revenge. Why? Because as a Christian, I’ve always advocated letting God judge, and turning the other cheek. And I still do. But, if you look at the injustice and evil being perpetrated on the American people in the name of “social justice” and “equality” and other nonsense that hides the totalitarian motive behind it, I believe that these types of evil need to be fought and eradicated. Sometimes, there just isn’t time or place to make nice with evil. You have to destroy it.

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