The Elites Hate You

From @roncoleman on Twitter, Mar 3, 2021:

Remember my wise friend?

We caught up today. You should read that tweet if you haven’t yet, or re-read it (see the thread below, after this update).

Some new, additional takeaways:

  • What’s going on culturally and politically is not at all partisan. It is a class war being fought top down that our betters are quite determined to win.
  • You cannot sufficiently appreciate the true depth of the contempt the elites feel toward the middle class.
  • This contempt has been seamlessly transmitted to their offspring, who revel in their supposed superiority openly and with glee from a very young age. This contempt is reinforced by the state media. Most noticeable (as I recently discussed with @JoshDenny) is how it has not only murdered comedy – offering up such unfunny mugs as Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee – but made it mean and directed meanness at enemies of the rulers.
  • The meanness and lack of humor is also accompanied not only by a lack of intellectual creativity of any other kind but this is very important:


Their comedy, their entertainment, their politics are nothing but a series of grievances. No grievance is greater however than their suspicion that:


They must therefore stop this everywhere and at any price.

My friend observed that people felt bereft at the passing of Rush Limbaugh because they felt an emotional connection to him. Why?

Because contrary to what the left claims to believe Rush exuded joie de vivre, hope and a sort of communitarian vigor (my phrase). We then waxed a bit philosophical and metaphysical for a bit, coming as we do from different religious traditions, and agreed on this:

  • There is great evil in the world.
  • The elites who wish to control you not only tolerate this evil, they are very much a part of it.
  • The likelihood of good but regular people vanquishing that evil by confronting it head-on is, absent a major eschatological event (which @Cernovich has alluded to), very slim.
  • But God has structured our world in a way so that a very little light will banish much darkness.
  • The natural inclination toward joy, comradery, forgiveness and acceptance of real those people, not the clichéd ugliness depicted in their entertainment and social fantasies – is that light. Our joy.

And this is what they fear above all. And this is what we must build on, together, bit by bit, and in person as much as the tyrants will allow, to recover… our light, our hope, our liberty, our empathy, and our souls.

And we discussed some ways that we might undertake to make that happen but I have said enough for tonight already, and our ideas are far from a taking the form of implementation, much less publication.

Two good frosties each, and we bid each other good night.

This was Ron and his friend’s prior convo from Nov 26, 2020:

I had lunch with a very wise friend yesterday. He had a number of observations about the current crisis. The first is that, if indeed it’s Biden, liberals are going to be horrified by what he delivers. Nothing “liberal” or “progressive” will happen.

The middle and working classes are being destroyed and that will continue to its conclusion. The Swamp creatures in the wings will also crush anyone associated with Trump or populism, including platforms, professionals and vendors.

The uber rich will get richer as Wall Street continues acting as the CCP’s finance and propaganda arm as well as the mechanism for transferring vast amounts of taxpayer money to Wall Street and the CCP.

OTOH we agreed that, as the actual voting showed, there’s less trust and deference to traditional institutions than ever before. Their trust equity is near bottom. Because they won’t be able to control the population by lying, they’ll use more coercive means.

Regular folks are seeing and contemplating civil disobedience and social disruption in a whole new light, though. And they are going to start planning it and doing it. Moral qualms and civic duty are off the table: this “election” proved that it’s eat or be eaten.

The disintegration of the old American, largely inherited Anglo-Saxon social order that the power structure relied on began, ironically, with the destruction of civic norms via Covid lockdowns. People no longer interact or deal with each other in person. New game is on.

Government is trusted only by those profiting from it personally. Everyone knows legislatures no longer function at all. Judges have no courage and decide cases based on politics. Governors are lawless tyrants and the presumptive new SCOTUS is a golem. New game, as I said.

Universities will crumble as their value for all but the super rich as finishing schools and indoctrination centers, combined with absurd costs and an environment that teaches adolescents only social and sexual dysfunction, makes them a ridiculous value proposition.

Ironically though even the elite schools and networks will suffer as social, economic and civic life become more atomic and technological. The interpersonal relationships that are built by years of in person serial interactions asking elites will no longer occur.

He enjoyed the kosher pizza I brought over and ate three slices of it. We agreed that we are embarking on terribly interesting times and wished each other Thanksgiving greetings as I took my leave.

I left out a couple of points that I remembered later. I’ll add them tomorrow.

Good morning. The first point I left out is the obvious domination of the technology behemoths in what is essentially a regime of authoritarian corporatism that makes talk of civil rights and justice quite irrelevant. I’ve been tweeting about that for years of course.

The salient point here (and it’s one Thomas Wictor made this week) is that the people in charge of these companies are at once moral retards yet preen about what they think is a moral superiority which to them justifies every act of censorship, lying and oppression.

This makes them no different from every arrogant Jacobin-Bolshevik bully in modern history of course. Another point from our discussion involves the extent of moral derangement common & accepted among the Wall St / Silicon Valley elite. I will only say the word, “Epstein.”

My friend texts: Well…our lunch convo seems to have people “talking”! Yes, of course, Biden is a kind of political “Trojan Horse.” And, of course, Kamala is potentially waiting in the wings as the stealth progressivist. Two thoughts?

(1) Don’t underestimate the ambitions of Jill Biden. Some might think they’ll marginalize (or discard) the old man – and they may – but they’re going to have to go through Jill to do so.

(2) Harris is complete bereft of principle and is absolutely OWNED…lock, stock, and barrel by Silicon Valley and Wall St. IMO, in politics, there are basically 3 types of people…Crusaders (i.e. Obama), Gangsters (i.e. Clinton), and Groupies.

(Groupies are those in the political entourage, the courtesans, the journalist hacks, the activists, the “lawn sign” set, etc.) Harris, like Biden, is a gangster. She’s not a true progressive…she is an ugly narcissist and a power-hungry, political “street walker.”

There isn’t a genuinely progressive bone in Harrus’s body. She’ll do whatever her overlords tell her to do. All of that progressive shtick is for the “little people”…the suckers. …and I DID enjoy the pizza!!!