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The Elites vs. We, The People

I believe this is what scares the American political class, and the global elites, to a large degree. Trump has hammered this point repeatedly, and it is absolutely true: our self-annointed “betters” believe that just because they’re smarter, or better educated, better pedigreed, or have the right thoughts, they have the right to lord it over us.

And because of that, Trump’s four years were an existential threat. One that they thought they cut out last November. But, in reality, all they did was blow it up. And… now we ALL know that the elites have a desperate need to break our wills because if we simply stop playing along, they’re done.

What Trump is doing now is focusing all of our collective, deplorable energies like a laser beam on all those who think they can tell us how to live, all the while using our labor to live high on the hog. This is pretty brilliant–we are now united and not just waiting on ONE person to do the work, but ALL of us doing our part to expose the rot of the deep state globalists.

We, the People… are pissed. And we’re just getting started.

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