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The Enemy of My Enemy…

It’s not a good look, when America’s global enemies are adopting your values and narrative:

American rivals—from China to Russia to Iran—are using terms out of the woke dictionary, such as “white supremacy” and “systemic racism,” to peddle propaganda in the United States. Mike Gonzalez, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said the progressive rhetoric allows propagandists to deflect criticism about their authoritarian politics and sow discord in America.

“This is a two-fer for them: It can sow dissent and unrest here, and then it can let them say to their own people, ‘Look how unruly and violent democracy can be,'” Gonzalez told the Washington Free Beacon. “It makes the conduct of our foreign policy much harder, in places like Hong Kong or Xinjiang for example.”

The Chinese government has repeatedly used progressive language to distract from its own human-rights abuses. 

The left keep thinking they’re trying to “make America what they know it can aspire to be” in their foolish utopian view. All the while, they are destroying the fabric of what does and did make America great.

Our enemies see all this, and leverage it on the world stage to shame us. If it were Trump, this would be water off a duck’s back. But since it’s the self-loathing, bloviating, obsequious, and condescending arrogant left in charge now, they’ll just kowtow and say that their position must be right because everyone around the world is accusing us of what THEY accuse of us now. They really are the provincials believing themselves the worldly ones, and all the while they’re led to the slaughter.

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