The Fabian Society (and the Collectivist) Triumvirate

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Fabianism is the elite-led, elite-financed, globalist capitalist/communist (yes, they can go together nicely) movement initiated by the Fabian Society (FS), established in 1884 in the UK (George Bernard Shaw was one of the earliest members and the most eloquent proponent of the FS).

Fabianism advocates a GRADUAL Transformation of the whole world into socialism/communism in the manner of the frog boiling fable, in contradistinction with the radical Leninist revolutionist model. For example, in the US, President Woodrow Wilson and his brain Colonel Edward House, and philosopher John Dewey, the major voice of progressive education, were all Fabians.

Though the Fabians advocate GRADUALISM, that is, a “long-game” approach, they have never opposed the radical communist movements and revolutions. After all, the Fabians and radical revolutionaries are both collectivist/communist ideological comrades. The difference is only of the methodology, not of the ideology or of the teleology.

The Fabian Society was established as a pillar of the psycho-spiritual and socio-political Collectivist Triumvirate, the other two being the Theosophical Society (TS, 1875), and the Society for Psychical Research (SPR,1882). All three organizations still exist today, and under different names, there are tens of thousands of organizations and movements around the world that are their descendants, offshoots, or affiliates.

The TS’s purpose is the creation of one world religion (“unity of all religions”) with highly mystical and occultist tones. The SPR was the psychological research arm of the TS and focused on the research of the occult psychology (e.g., psychic mediumship) and Crowd Psychology for the manipulation of the masses. The FS covered politics, the TS covered religion, and the SPR covered psychology for the development of the collectivist humans and world.

Today’s communists, socialists, liberals, and progressives are all psycho-ideological progenies of the original Collectivist Triumvirate. The “New Age” religions are all influenced by the teaching of the TS. The Lucis Trust (originally The Lucifer Publishing Company, 1925), the most prominent and influential offshoot of the TS was founded by a Fabian Theosophist medium wife (Alice Bailey) and a highest-degree Freemason husband (Foster Bailey).

The Lucis Trust played a pivotal behind-the-scene role in the establishment of the UN, and had its headquarters in the UN building for a long time. It has over 30,000 tax-exempt, non-profit, affiliate organizations around the world. The SPR (William James was an early member and president) had a profound influence on the subsequent development of modern psychology including the human potential movement.

The Collectivist Triumvirate, via the academia (indoctrination) and the media (propaganda), with the allure of its political and spiritual utopian visions, have indoctrinated generations of humanity over a century. All of the radical Leninist communist revolutions have failed but the Fabian communism has achieved success because of its comprehensive (psychospiritual + sociopolitical/inside + outside) and gradualist, multi-generational strategy.

The Triumvirate has succeeded because they have controlled the asymmetric flow of information and narrative—via the media and the academia. They have succeeded in brainwashing and mind-controlling multi-generations of people, making them suffer from the ‘Mass Stockholm Syndrome’. “Liberal” or “progressive”, that is, socialist-collectivist nonsense was indoctrinated into the uncritical mind of the millions.

Also, the humans are status-seeking beings, because the desire for higher social status is one of the strongest and most pervasive “mimetic desires (René Girard)”. The Triumvirate strategically created a cultural paradigm and social system in which the people are bestowed with higher status (moral and intellectual as well as professional and social) with the membership in the “liberal/progressive church” congregation.

Edward Bernays was one of the most brilliant Fabians who maximally used the crowd psychology. He is the one who made cigarette smoking cool for (American) women and the “bacon and egg” into a typical American breakfast. He invented the term “public relations” to replace “propaganda” that had gained a negative reputation.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” — Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

Then, in the 1960s, The Frankfurt School from Germany came to the U.S. and joined the Fabians, and thus was born “Cultural Marxism”.

“Philosophical thought begins with the recognition that facts do not correspond to the concepts imposed by common sense and scientific reason – in short, with the refusal to accept them.” — Herbert Marcuse, “A Note on Dialectics”

The psychology developed at SPR and its various offshoots and descendants had an occult or mystical side, as exemplified by “Transpersonal Psychology”, the new age version of SPR occult psychology. Therefore, the devoutly materialist Frankfurt School adapted Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis (his famous disciple Carl Jung had a deep connection to Theosophy and its offshoot the Quest Society).

On the surface, they all sound good, even marvelous, because they are all idealistic utopian nonsense that bypasses the critical faculties of the human mind, which has been already paralyzed by the indoctrinative schooling in the name of education. And those whose critical faculties are paralyzed mistake emoting for thinking. They cannot distinguish a wolf from its sheep’s clothing.

Now, the war in which we are engaged with President Trump is waged on many levels, which include ideology and psychology. And this is a long-term war, a long-game. There are four major sources and centers of power: politics, economy, military, and ideology. We can trust Trump as a supreme leader and strategist will win the political, economic, and military war, but he is not explicitly a philosopher (though in his second term he will be more so).

We can all participate in the ideological war to achieve victory, but it is a long-term war. The Collectivist Triumvirate started their systemic and systematic ideological war in the 1870s! A significant percentage of today’s youth and a large segment of the population are collectivist (socialist/communist) regardless of their party affiliations. We must study, share with our friends, and teach our youth the Philosophy of The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution.