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The Issue of Loneliness Affects All People

This article does a pretty good job of laying out the complexities and challenges of conservative evangelical Christians in addressing gay Christians. Here’s a passage that sets up a straw man argument, in my opinion:

But here is my problem.  A struggle against temptation implies that a battle must be fought to return things to a state of normalcy.  Insisting that same-sex sexual attraction itself should be viewed as a temptation to be continually struggled against raises the question of what gay Christians should be struggling to achieve?  What does victory look like should they succeed?

Should they rid themselves of all sexual feeling whatsoever, only to replace it with nothing, to exist in an emotional vacuum?  Straight Christians don’t think that’s what they’re saying, but in reality that’s the only conclusion many gay Christians can practically come to.  I’ve seen people throw themselves into work, into various addictions, and into despair and destructive behaviors because they felt they weren’t allowed to feel and exist as sexual beings.  They were being asked to do something humanly impossible.

The argument from this article is that gay Christians should be free to seek relationships because the alternative is to seek “nothing.”

Truth is, we are all lonely, whether we’re in a committed straight relationship or not. Loneliness isn’t confined just to gays. There are plenty (and I mean plenty) of straight people, single or in a relationship, who are lonely as well. For Christians to capitulate and say it’s okay for gay Christians to be in a relationship because the alternative is a vast emptiness that straight people don’t face is not a strong argument. Many straight people go their whole lives also pursuing endless hedonistic or mindless pursuits to fill the void.

Human beings, because of our sin and separation from God, will ALWAYS have an emptiness that can only be filled by God. And even here on earth, it will never be fully experienced like it will be when we are face to face with him in heaven.

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