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The Kraken will Live on in 2021

A thought came to me after I thought through the Texas suit at SCOTUS.

I think we were all in a rush to see the evidence Powell and Trump’s legal team had be presented to the court, and then have the decision be made in favor of Trump that there was fraud. However, back in November Trump mentioned that there was a lawsuit that could just cover everything that was beautiful, but he didn’t have standing. Now we know that this Texas suit was what he meant at that time.

I think this suit will end the election fraud issue quickly if they rule per the law. If not, then we’ll see what DNI Ratcliffe presents in his report as required by the 2018 EO 13848. Either way, Trump still has at least two paths to victory, both very strong.

But back to Powell. I think the civil and then eventual criminal cases that will reveal itself will expand to all the states that Dominion was involved with. This will then involve the DOJ, and will be a continuous onslaught of exposure of the corruption in all our political leaders at all levels of government. We saw just a taste of that these last two days with Swalwell and his Chinese spy, as well as that university dean boasting about deep connections at the highest level of our government.

Trump is dragging the net far and wide and for as long as possible to let all these traitors and enemies out themselves. Democrats and I hope leftists are already done for; it’s just a matter of how much destruction they’ll suffer.

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