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The World Works Around Us

I’m speculating, but my gut sense is telling me that the general direction we’re moving in is a global ostracization and mockery of the US as it’s back under a deep state cabal rule. Yes, that includes all the policies and laws now consigning us to banana republic tier status.

I’m guessing Trump set up global frameworks, so other leaders know to work around the US. So, how are we being protected? I think the military has their orders apart from civilian rule. Noko and Russia are clues to me that we are being marginalized now, but there are many more clues.

About the banana republic status for America, I’m fine with it because it has a clarifying purpose.

The TRUTH is what needs to be exposed. The psyop/media propaganda coupled with the wokerati agenda is meeting (for now) quiet internal resistance. Once these elites start eating their own and enforcing groupthink with none excluded, the truth will come out. The useful twitidiots and others on social media? They’ll run off the cliff, and happily too. Cognitive dissonance can’t be helped.

I know many are engaging in politics at a local level, but I’m spending my time back in the spiritual/faith realm. The 2020 election was an opportunity to push for what I believed in, and I did my part. But, in the grander scheme of things as a Christian, I believe the only security we have is in God. Rulers will come and go, but the spiritual matters will last for eternity.

Will I still voice/advocate for what I believe is better in society? Yes, but God will move as he pleases.

If you look in the Bible, God used Babylon, a wicked and violent empire, to bring judgment on Israel. But, Babylon gets its own judgment later as well. So, could China and other evil governments be used by God to mete out justice, even against America? I don’t rule that out, even as I do love this country and support its values. But, if you look at what the deep state has used America for around the world, it’s not always been for good for all.

And that’s why I fought so hard for Trump.

Despite his personal shortcomings and rough business/political tactics, he stands apart from the deep state swamp that has ruled for too long. And even then, I take him as a full package in a rough and tumble secular world, and see that the end result is a world that is better overall for my fellow citizens, and even for the world.

When Christians call me a hypocrite for supporting Trump, all I can say is that we’re fortunate to be able to even vote for a leader. And besides, the alternative is worse in my mind, if you dig deep enough to see the truth.

When you look at the totality of history, dictators and kings and rule by a single person without any choice has been the norm. So, as much as we have been given a small window in the life of this country to be able to have rule of law and a semblance of participation in government, I will take it, warts and all. Because I compare what we have against what has been, instead of what childish utopians view of what could be . If God allowed evil empires to exist, then we aren’t excluded from that.

I’m just thankful that for now, we are able to fight and advocate and vote for our leaders and form of government. But, at the end of the day, I accept what outcome we get because God has given us all free will to choose–to choose to seek the truth, or to choose to be lied to and deceived and live a lie. Sadly, too many well-meaning Christians choose the latter. The other ones who believe in the “good” of this world, well…God did say that many will choose the world and forsake him.

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