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They Can’t Drag Us to the Past

This is what I’m aiming to do, from an engaged Christian’s perspective, grounded in faith, battling in the world:


Fabian Socialists in the UK. We should study how they accomplished what they did, and take notes.We also should take lessons from what the military calls “asymmetrical warfare”: how a small group of insurgents can fight a much larger, better equipped and supplied force to a stalemate — and even eventually beat them. (Study George Washington and Francis Marion, for examples.)

No, I’m not being literal; I’m arguing that the military analogy applies to the cultural battlefield, too: the battle over ideas and values.But creating new ideas, arguments, perspectives, and inspiring *visions* is not a numbers game. The creators of new ideas are always few, and usually solitary. Yet those few can eventually serve as navigators for an entire society. It was that truth that led Percy Shelley to say that “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.”

The same can be said of an influential religious leader, philosopher, or narrative artist: think Jesus, Aristotle, Homer.

Throughout history, these visionaries have been the de facto “asymmetrical culture warriors” of the world.
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