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THIS is how you create more racists

When you have to drill down to the infant level, and start applying racial motives and actions to children who are simply RESPONDING to the world around them, you’re not fighting racism. No. In fact, you are CREATING more racists by forcing them to be race conscious at such a young age.

How about letting children associate with who they want, instead of trying to correct at such a young age? They’re at an age where they see all colors without judgment. Do they prefer some? Well, if you look at the first grey square above, yeah. They look more at faces similar to their caregiver. What if a white child has a Hispanic caregiver? Then is he not racist because he looks at Hispanics more? Or will he grow out of that and revert to his default white racist setting?

This is the lunacy of leftist ideology being “practically” applied. As a Christian, I know God has set an order to things, where a parent has the role to teach children to be love everyone, regardless of race. But the left has replaced God with themselves, so they’re trying to re-create and re-order something that already has a natural order to it as ordained by God. It’s the parent’s moral foundation that teach children to not see race, and that lesson is taught throughout their lives. These enforcements of racial “equity” does more harm than good.

The left wants to destroy the role of the parent in the family structure, so IT can be the parent. This is just a symptom of their efforts to supplant parental responsibility to mold a child’s values.

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