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This sorority accused a sister of racism after she anonymously criticized its woke agenda. Then they learned she’s not white.


Furthermore, in an anonymous feedback form that was directed at the leadership of Rho Epsilon Pi, a member expressed doubts and concerns over this new direction. In response to this form that expressed criticism of the agenda as well as the implementation of the new measures, the leadership of the sorority as well as many sisters responded by attacking the individual and her feedback, according to copies of the discussion reviewed by The Fix.

Despite the anonymity of their critic, leadership harshly denounced her as a racist, demanding that she immediately come forward and leave the sorority.

Here, it is evident that those who condemned this individual immediately concluded that she was a white racist as her feedback did not fall in line with the politically correct consensus on racial discourse. However, much to the dismay of the sorority, the author of the form is, in fact, a woman of color.

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