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Trump’s Victory is just a Formality

I’ve been pretty scarce in terms of commenting on the state of the election right now. Yes, the election of 2020 is still going on. Really weird, huh.

I’m not sure where the rest of you are at, but I’m still on board with 100% confidence that Trump has won and will be sitting in the White House come January 20, 2021. What gives me such confidence? Well, several things, and these are just my assessment and belief. Your mileage may vary. Sorry this may be a bit long for you, but I think it’ll help reassure many of you doubting Trump’s win. 🙂

First, President Trump has tweeted about election fraud all the way back in 2012 when he wasn’t even a politician. To me, that indicates he’s fully aware of how tainted our election process is.

Secondly, you have to read between the lines to have a guess at what Trump is doing. And even if you do that right, you may still be in the dark. That is by design. For example, how many of us expected peace to break out in the Middle East between Israel a a host of Arab nations? I’d say almost none. And it came out of the blue. Which means Trump’s pretty good at keeping things on the down low. If he can do that, I think I trust him enough to time the exposure of the election fraud till the right moment. Another clue related to this: when have we ever had a president tell his supporters to come to DC in January, when he’s supposedly lost the election? Yeah, exactly. To reinforce this point, I’ll just remind you that Trump is a student of Sun Tzu, and he’s mastered his war strategies over a lifetime in the dirty world of construction.

Thirdly, if you’ve followed Trump for the last four years, you know that he’s not the typical politician. He’s abrasive, he’s obnoxious, he doesn’t do things career politicians do. And that’s a good thing. I’ll reference Executive Order 13848 signed back in September 2018 for this point. Why would he sign such an EO that really puts the focus on the election? And why did he classify our elections as a matter of national security? That classification puts the entire election process in a whole different realm, where I believe that there can be drastic steps taken to root out the attacks on our election integrity. I’ll come back to this later.

Fourthly, when I look at Trump, I get it that he’s a bigger than life personality. Some call him a egotistical narcissist who’s only out for his own family’s financial gain. I can see how he can have a strong ego and a degree of narcissism–all leaders at a certain level have that. You think pastors of megachurches are all meek humble shepherds? Pfft. But, to the degree that he’s helped the average working American–the people he was elected to lead and protect–despite these so called ego flaws, I think he’s done a great job. And this is just my opinion: when you look at his upbringing and background and how he’s raised his children, you can see the working man’s attitude in him. I believe that what he projects to the public, especially his opponents is all a persona that he wears like an armor. He uses it as a weapon against his political enemies.

Fifthly, Trump has done a masterful job at exposing things and building up emotional and psychological momentum in people. I’m disregarding the “normies,” who continue to be easily led by the propaganda cocooned in nice sounding words like unity, for the children, diversity, antiracism, equality. I can’t explain in full now, but the bottom line is this: they don’t see the subtle and continual chipping away of their freedoms. They just don’t–maybe it’s their nature combined with their pride in their intelligence and trust in their leaders. Anyways, apart from these people, Trump has done a brilliant job waking people up to their role in determining the direction of their government. I mean, have we ever seen so many rallies and marches and phone calls to politicians like we’ve seen this year in protest of the anti-American actions of almost ALL our political class? No, and I attribute this almost all to Trump and how he’s moved and shaped our attitudes these last four years.

Sixth, if you’ve kept up, you’ll notice that Trump’s been making administrative staffing decisions and actions as if he’s planning for the next four years. Who removed people from the Pentagon’s board in the last weeks of a presidency? Or issues EO’s that may be overturned by the next president? That’s a big clue.

Lastly, here’s where I think we are right now in terms of actual outcomes. We have election fraud evidence coming out in dribs and drabs, and are still waiting for our day at SCOTUS. This is what has to happen legally, what can you do. But, it has raised the level of awareness among non-political folks that something wasn’t kosher about this election.

I think that Trump will use the EO 13848 report at some point between now and January 6th to lay out the entire detail of election fraud. Because that’s essentially what the EO asked for. He may do it in a presidential address, which news outlets are required to broadcast. If he does this, then the mindset of the entire country will shift literally in an instant. Once the average American sees the overwhelming evidence of domestic and foreign interference and attempt to steal an election, the game is over.

At this point, there will be huge outcry and anger so that Pence will choose to disqualify all electors from states with tainted elections with no objections. Whether that means the candidate with most electoral votes wins short of 270, or it goes to the contingent election route of each state getting one vote is irrelevant. Why? Because there will be overwhelming consensus that Trump has legitimately won, and Biden cheated.

BUT, and here’s a big but. But if Pence still moves forward with accepting electors from the states with proven election fraud, then the consequences of EO 13848 kick in. Which will result in mass arrests and removal of all people involved in proven election tampering. And once the EO’s actions are over, there really won’t be a Democrat standing that will oppose Trump, let alone Biden. If this sounds incredible, I suggest you go read EO 13848. It’s pretty far reaching in terms of its impact.

And in my opinion, this win-win scenario makes sense. Trump doesn’t leave things to chance, especially if he’s been able to plan for this election for four plus years. If you think he’s going to trust ANYONE in the political class, who’ve all shown themselves to be bought off or not working for the American people, then you haven’t figured him out. This is what I believe will roll out in the upcoming days and weeks, but I could be wrong. And this is why I believe that the January 6th vote counting will not be divisive, and the rally in DC will be more of a celebration than protest.

So, we’ll see how things shake out, but all that I’ve written here is confirmation to me at a personal, political, and legal level that Trump will win.

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