Understanding Trump

Trump’s Strategic Genius

There are two basic factors that constitute Trump’s strategic genius:

(1) superb strategic instinct (mêtis) and (2) exceptional strategic mind (智能).

1. Trump is immensely gifted in what the ancient Greeks called mêtis.

Mêtis originally meant cunning, skillfulness, practical intelligence; and especially for trickery. It connotes the instinctual cunning so superb that it is a form of the highest wisdom. Mêtis was what could make the humans, at the most basic and down-to-earth level, equal to the gods.

Mêtis means a particular quality of intense awareness that always manages to stay focused on the whole, on the lookout for hints, however subtle, for guidance in whatever form it happens to take, for signs of the route to follow however quickly they might appear or disappear.

In the realm of mêtis there is no neutral ground, no second chance. The more you let yourself become a part of it the more you begin to discover that absolutely everything, including the fabric of reality itself, is trickery and illusion. Either you learn to stay alert or you will be led astray. There is no pause for rest, or hesitating, in between.

Mêtis has nothing to do with argument or careful reasoning, because there is no time to think. There is no moment for leisure, because everything happens far too quickly. The demands on one’s awareness are enormous. You can observe and sense that President Trump lives in the realm of mêtis and that his mêtis is at work in every moment of his waking hours.

2. Trump has developed an exceptional strategic mind that is capable of complex thought, that thinks highly creatively and moves incredibly quickly, and that is masterly at simultaneously holding a comprehensive set of complex strategies and strategic solutions and sequentially executing them in a timely and organic manner.

The problems that Trump is tasked to solve are immense in complexity and magnitude. Further, his CB/DS/CCP enemies are in legions, domestically and internationally. His war is multifaceted and multidimensional, all variously and intricately interrelated, and thus the strategic solutions are also comprehensively and integrally interconnected. To comprehend all the problems and to creatively construct their solutions in their complex interrelations require a highly intelligent mind and exceptional acumen. Trump possesses such a rare mind and acumen.

Without having some understanding of how the mind of the strategic genius works as well as how his mêtis contributes to his superb sense-making, you will remain clueless as to who Trump is and how he works so masterfully to achieve his strategic objectives. Once you understand this, you begin to watch his brilliance in awe.

There has never been a president or politician like him. Then, you will come to appreciate that we have an extraordinary president for this extraordinary time.

Trump’s Living Philosophy and Theology

To understand a human being, we must understand the philosophy and theology by which he/she lives – i.e., his/her living philosophy and theology.

President Trump is a quintessential Freethinker and therefore his living philosophy and theology reflects his Freethought orientation.

“Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities—always see them, for they are always there.” — Norman Vincent Peale

“There is something in the universe that responds to brave, intrepid thought. The Power that holds and moves the stars in their courses, fights for the brave and the upright. Courage has power and magic in it.” — Ralph Waldo Trine

The historical origin of Trump’s philosophy and theology in the Renaissance and modern times traces back to two towering figures in the history of thought: Michael Servetus (1509—1553) and Giordano Bruno (1548—1600), both of whom were burnt at the stake.

Michael Servetus, though forgotten, originated the tradition called the (Christian) New Thought, of which Norman Vincent Peale and Ralph Waldo Trine (above quoted) were two of the prominent contemporary proponents. Dr. Pearle was Trump’s mentor; Mr. Trine was Henry Ford’s teacher. New Thought is Free Thought inside Christianity

Giordano Bruno, though unacknowledged, laid the philosophical foundation for the Scientific Revolution (he was far more revolutionary than Copernicus or Galilei, his most famous follower), which was further developed by Benedict de Spinoza, which was mimetically absorbed by John Locke, Alexander Pope, and other British philosophers, who had a decisive influence on the Founders.

The Founders’ philosophy was distilled into The Declaration of Independence and formed the foundation of the Constitution and variously expressed in their writings. (Thomas Paine’s writings most forthrightly expressed the philosophy without any indirection which was common.)

Theologically, Trump is a non-dogmatic New Thought Christian. Philosophically, he is a Freethinker of Reason.

According to New Thought, God is (Cosmic) Mind, immanent in and as the human mind, and the human being creates his/her own character and destiny through his/her own thought. Therefore, (your) Thinking is (your) Destiny.

We are each responsible for our own life and destiny, while Prayer is the attunement of the mind with, and the partaking of the process of, the Creator’s Mind.

Freethinkers reject all forms of external authority in the matter of thinking, knowing, and action. They trust in the power of their own mind, and depend not on authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma but on reason, logic, and empirical observation.

With respect to religion, Freethinkers have profound Faith in the human mind and in the Law of Nature and of Nature’s God.

New Thought teaches every individual to be responsible for his/her own life and encourages free and independent thought and action (Freethought) in accord with the Love and the Thought-patterns that constitute the Law (“Lord”) of the Universe.

Trump, a brilliant creative Freethinker, lives the philosophy of New Thought.

Trump is the ultimate ‘possibilitarian’ who is the self-responsible and self-generative creator of his destiny and his world. Self-responsibility and self-integrity are the essential ingredients of the mental-spiritual substance that constitutes the consciousness of a Sovereign Individual.

Being a Sovereign Individual is the basis of Trump’s Art of Happiness.

As President, Trump invites all adult Americans to achieve individual sovereignty, and he is dedicated to creating a society in which people are empowered to achieve it.

Further, as President, he is committed to developing a Nation that is a Sovereign Integral composed of Sovereign Individuals.

Trump’s path is the pursuit of individual and collective happiness through sovereign individuals and sovereign integrals.

Robert Green Ingersoll, a prominent contemporary supporter of Abraham Lincoln, was one of the most eloquent Freethinkers, equal to Alexander Pope or Thomas Paine. With Ingersoll’s beautiful statement below President Trump would agree.

Justice is the only worship.

Love is the only priest.

Ignorance is the only slavery.

Happiness is the only good.

The time to be happy is now,

The place to be happy is here,

The way to be happy is to make others so.

Wisdom is the science of happiness.