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USSA…and the Coming Collapse?

With all the upheaval politically that will soon reverberate throughout the country, plus the bubble in the financial market, Charles Hugh Smith is always a sobering read. This one is on the collapse of the USA, mirroring how the USSR collapsed in 1989.

But once the power structure admits, however minimally, that it no longer has the answers to the decay of the social-economic order, then the entire artificial construct collapses in a heap. This is the sociology of collapse: people accept a facade of artifice and propaganda without actually believing any of it, though they do have a limbic loyalty to the founding ideals of the State.

The ideologues (True Believers) are avoided as dangerous brown-nosers, and the Dissenters are avoided because it’s not worth being sent to digital Siberia (shadow-banned, deleted, marginalized) just to publicly call attention to the abject failure of status quo institutions and organs of propaganda.

What’s real is denial, repression of dissent, group-think, virtue-signaling and a profound loss of competence. What’s hyper-normalized artifice is all the media spew about how great everything is going to be once we print and squander another couple trillion dollars to prop up the zombie corporations, institutions and government agencies until the magical vaccine time machine returns us to the glorious debt-dependent overconsumption of 2019.

The USSA has not yet admitted that the decay of its socio-economic order is unstoppable, and so the internal gulag has yet to be breached. But artifice is not a substitute for reality, and what’s unsustainable (hyper-normalized artifice) unravels very quickly once the first thread is pulled.

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