We Are At War on Two Fronts

I do find this persuasive because I don’t think Trump is a serial action taker. I believe he can initiate multiple things at once, and looking at all the things around us that don’t fit quite right, I believe the covert work is busily chugging along.

Duane Cates Thread: Saul Montes Bradley has a very cogent & reasoned out Idea HOW the next 2-4 years will play out where Trump & rational Americans retake their government via County & State Legislatures which nullifies the Left’s ability to SUCCESSFULLY cheat & wins us back the Presidency, Senate & House. Thomas Wictor also has a very cogent & reasoned out Idea of how this will go via a process started by PRESIDENT Trump called Devolution that would recover our Constitutional Republic PERHAPS sooner.

Saul has a very real capability explaining HOW US.GOV works that cuts thru all the clickbait BS we are regularly inundated with & wants Americans to exercise their Citizenship with vigor & determination.
Thomas is excellent at pointing out how unprecedented what’s unfolding is & that a lot of VERY WEIRD things are happening Nationwide.

SO, which of them is right? IS Trump about to FORCE Biden from Office once “devolution” is complete? Or is Saul’s idea of taking back US.GOV the right one?

I SAY BOTH ARE RIGHT! It’s clear Trump is setting the Stage for a glorious comeback in 2024 after America First goes HARD at the 2022 Midterms. Point to Saul!

But the SHADOW CABAL revealed in the TIMES Article will then have FOUR YEARS to ravage the World & ABUSE the American People? NO.

Because Thomas’s Devolution Theory is also clearly underway.

The people/corporations/groups used to STEAL 2020 are being wrecked right now as I write this. COVERTLY.

I submit that by the time 2024 rolls around (& maybe even by 2022!) the apparatus by which the Left brazenly SEIZED POWER will be GONE. CEO’s retired or stepped down, Companies & Outlets bankrupt or tied up in massive legal actions.

Devolution is the last phase of what I’ve called the #SilentWAR. Against Enemies of the American People both Foreign & Domestic. The “very rich & very stupid” people Trump’s referred to as being behind much of what’s happening are being dealt with. QUIETLY.

I’ve no real idea but if I had to guess I’d say it has to do with IRONCLAD Evidence of involvement in THE STEAL, which also includes the Nations of China, Iran & Russia.

What “STICK” would they have to get them to cooperate in dismantling their Shadow Cabal? ASSET FORFEITURE.

I think many of these powerful people have A LOT to lose. Any direct ties to THE STEAL with FOREIGN Nations involved is participating in an Act of WAR. Serious charges with serious consequences.

As this Devolution occurs UNDER THE RADAR there’s a need to increase security here at Home. Hence the increase in US Military Aircraft traffic. P3 Orion SUB HUNTERS operating in Florida? What gives?

Remember my posts about Mandarin Speakers outside the White House during the Riots? We have around 370,000 Chinese Students in the US. If even ONE PERCENT were trained Operatives/Terrorists that’s 3,700.

SEE THE PROBLEM? That ONE Nation out of three.

So as Devolution continues towards it’s goals of REMOVING that Foreign Influence I’ve railed about for years, Trump is going to be leading a reinvigorated & FOCUSED America First movement energized off of the OUTRAGES we are currently seeing unfold via Biden’s Asterisk Presidency.

Biden is once again opening ALL of the “Wrong Doors” opening US up to greater dangers & threats Worldwide. Americans WILL die stupidly & uselessly because of what he’s doing. HE KNOWS THAT. It’s the whole point.

How else can he implement more draconian laws & steal more of our freedoms if there isn’t an increase in danger around the World? SO HE CREATES THE DANGER. So he can “solve” it later.

As Thomas has said repeatedly, THIS IS WAR. There will be losses. We ARE infiltrated to the gills & have been for decades. The rot goes DEEP. There are now two clearly defined Fronts. One OPEN, one NOT. Both are waging an unrelenting War on our Abusers. Our job in the next 4 years is to focus on Local Politics.

Not just State, but COUNTY. The “landscape” the Left used for their STEAL can be found in every Vital County in every KEY Swing State. The smarmy, arrogant local officials have all been exposed. It’s up to us to see them voted out & replaced by Americans determined to oversee LEGALLY CORRECT Elections & to accept nothing less.
If we get that right 2022 should be a SNAP. Imagine Biden saddled with a GOP House & Senate on the run up to 2024. It’s completely doable.

Then by the time the 2024 Election Season kicks off (Officially) the “landscape” of the Nation will look FAR DIFFERENT from the one the Left finessed & “FORTIFIED” to achieve their Stolen Election in 2020.

As the #SilentWAR has dismantled their cheating machine. Eleven MILLION more Americans voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016. With Biden in the White House? At the rate he’s going Trump may have 10 million more Trump Voters by then. And I MIGHT be lowballing it.