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We Will Never Completely Know…

I’m thinking that with all the misdirection and fake news of chaos and traitorous actions leaking from Trump’s camp lately, the opposition is still wary and nervous.

I mean, apart from the standard boilerplate social media pablum trying to gaslight people into thinking Trump lost, the Dems and leftists seem quiet. Nervously on edge is my guess, as they’re finally realizing Trump has more moves and they can’t figure it out. 

For Trump supporters, it means we shouldn’t be frustrated that it seems like nothing’s happening especially when we believe it will be any day now. Trump needs to catch them completely off guard. Completely. So, we’ll know when they know is my guess. And I’m good with that.

Our task as patriotic Americans is to simply keep speaking up as is our right and responsibility in this country. We elected a Trump to clean house. That’s exactly what he’s doing. Hold the line and be patient.🇺🇸

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