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What is Love?

Sean has been leading outdoor praise gatherings for Christians across the nation. And progressive Christian followed have been stoking the hatred against him.

There has been a schism that’s been pulled wide open in the evangelical community when it comes to this issue of freedom. Trump has definitely been a litmus test for this issue that’s been a pretty good indicator where one stands.

I find it mind boggling, and a little sad honestly that so many Christians equate the choice to not wear a mask to being a horrible Christian that has zero empathy and compassion. They’ve equated this mask mandate as an indicator of whether they love others as God commanded.

It’s not hard to see that this issue is masking is not an easy right or wrong moral issue. However, many moderate or progressive evangelicals see it so simplistically as a love/hate issue purely without any regard to the other consequences of the mask mandate and correspondingly, the lockdowns and shut downs that have been happening all over the country.

This is why they hate and blame Trump for his so called lack of a national plan for covid. But, to the degree that Fauci has been the face of the federal government, Trump has done a good job balancing between federal guidelines versus state rights and responsibilities. This is what so many are missing.

But back to the Christian love/hate equivalence of masking: when there is a 99% recovery rate for most of the population, does the 1% risk mean you should completely ignore all the other consequences that come with lockdowns and masking?

With all the science and EMPIRICAL evidence out there that shows masking works about as well as not masking, when will these well meaning Christians stop accusing others of being super spreaders or hateful people?

Is a delay in screening for cancer because of covid leading to future higher cancer rates loving? Is an increase in suicide and depression loving? Is the increase in domestic abuse loving? Is the loss of income and then your home due to lockdowns loving?

I know it FEELS good to focus only on the mask, but thinking adults don’t force people into binary choices. Life isn’t nice and neat where the bad guys wear black masks and good guys wear white masks.

The moral superiority, or even narcissism, of my fellow believers that call non-maskers Christian nationalists or godless heathens, points to the true state of Christendom. They don’t see the personal freedom aspect of this issue as a good thing. They see it as an arrogance of our “nationalistic” Christianity, while they willingly follow their worldly leaders like sheep. They have no discernment to sense the spiritual dimension of this issue because they’re blind to the lies of the devil.

What else is a big clue of their bias? They are silent when leftist or progressives gather in large groups but scream bloody murder when conservatives do it.

This is fine, apparently, since only conservatives are super spreaders.
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