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When the Only Narrative is Race…

It’s interesting to see that this entire narrative about white supremacy, critical race theory, and systemic racism has been pushed by the dominant race in America: Whites.

And to further clarify, it’s the white left that has been pushing this pernicious ideology. What do they stand to benefit from this, and WHY are we even listening to them? According to them, THEY are the source of all our problems. So wouldn’t it also be a logical conclusion that their push for this CRT narrative is something we should reject?

I believe so, but the problem is that this ideology has many benefits to those cast in the victim role. You get sympathy, special treatment, a voice to advance your position, and favor in the public eye. But this is all short term and very superficial because the consequences of CRT is the hidden resentment that nobody sees building up in the group that is cast as the enemy. And when the “enemy” white folks act out and push back against the deliberate degradation and denigration of their personhood, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that yes, these white folks just can’t accept the new woke world because of their innate racism and built-in white privilege.

This is a perverse genius, actually. You’re never wrong in this situation, and leads to idiotic sayings like this:

Based on this pretzel logic, then I say all the antiracist peddlers are racist based on their action of pushing that racist crap.

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